Screw You Pollution ~ Kerastase

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It’s no surprise that I’m just another victim of this omnipresent pollution that engulfs most of the metropolitan cities here in India. Internally and externally, it’s affecting us all in a MAJOR way, and today I’m going to be talking about combatting it on one my assets – my hair.

I quickly realized though, that I couldn’t completely combat the pollution all by my own and so the next best thing on my list was to shield myself from it. In doing so, it hit me that coating my hair with expensive protective serums just wasn’t enough as it wouldn’t do much for the itchiness I constantly experience on my scalp. Yes, my hair would like pretty awesome post-serum but internally there wasn’t going to be much difference. The problem however was that I couldn’t put a finger on the root cause of it. And that’s when these hair-messiahs came to my rescue.

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How I Chose My Sangeet Outfit {Manish Malhotra}

Glamorous with an underlying sense of satisfaction. My ‘moodboard’ for my Sangeet night.

The first element of the outfit that enticed me was the magical hue. An otherwise drab grey, uplifted with intricate bronze hand-work, to give me finally, an insanely alluring color palette. That’s the first collective reaction I received on my outfit. ‘Such an unusual color.’ Woohoo, my unique check-box was ticked.

But evidently, this wasn’t the only check-box this lehenga was planning on over-ruling. It found it’s way into this little crevice in my mind so comfortably, that once I had seen it,

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FIJI Travel Diary & why this tropical oasis NEEDS to be on your bucket list!

I’m really glad we decided to visit Fiji for our honeymoon because I’m not so sure if I’d have the excitement to tread through this almost 48 hour journey once again. We flew from Bombay to Hong Kong to Auckland and finally to the capital of Fiji, Nadi. We stayed for one night at the Sofitel in Nadi since we had a flight the next morning to Namale resort in Savusavu.

I got off our miniature plane to be welcomed by a warm, tropical wind, a skyline of coconut trees and a sort of large shed with some seating that was fondly referred to as the ‘airport’.

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Finale #Shailoom

I will never forget the feeling I felt when I first walked into my wedding venue, Dome. I was scarcely involved in the decor for the wedding day and I was quite literally, swept off my feet. There was a vibe pounding through the stadium (or was it just my heart) that made me feel a sense of magic in the mogra-laden jharokas blended with a mix of glistening chandeliers and Chiavari chairs. The grandness of the stadium, spoke volumes to me while Kesariya Balam’s melodic tunes, calmed my jumpy nerves. Looks like my brother had chosen the perfect musicians for my big day.

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I Cannot Wait To Be Your Bride #Shailoom

By the time 5th February arrived, I was quite honestly, exhausted. It had been an entire week of non-stop celebrations, partying, hair & makeup, hair & makeup removal (UGH), dancing my heart out and just having the best time I could have only imagined to experience.

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