Two Monochrome Looks I Promise You’ll Love!

As I get set to hit up ‘Fashion Month’ once again, I can’t help but think of last London & Paris Fashion Week season. I feel so blessed that my job has been taking me to such amazing places and to witness such incredible moments of fashion. I’m so excited for next week and I absolutely cannot wait to show you all my looks!

One designer I absolutely admired at LFW last season was Vidhi Wadhwani. Ofcourse it helps that we share the same upbringing and diversity in this pool of international talent but I promise you my opinions are unbiased. 

Here’s How I Solve My Summer Skin Problems

Though the summer months are often associated with sunny days, tan skin, and endless fun, this season comes with one unforeseen problem – it wreaks havoc on your skin – mine at least. During the summer months, your skin is constantly being put to the test—some days it’s exposed to high sun and salt water, other days rain and humidity. Some examples of summer related skin conditions are oily skin, acne/sweat related breakouts, and sunburn (the worst of all!).

You Need These Dresses For Your Summer Wardrobe

Of all the things that July stands for, for me it means just one thing. Hit the salessssssss. I just did this really fun IGTV video showing a couple of things I got when I went high street sale shopping but excited to show you two detailed looks that I got from the Vero Moda end of season sale.

Vero Moda is the perfect retailer for any girls who want to dress the part, but not break the bank (which, lets be honest, is all of us!) It carries all the newest styles and trends, such as wide legged trousers and the cutest cropped tanks, but also always provides every girl’s basic necessities, like solid blouses and denim jeans. Affordable, accessible fashion at crazy discounts? You can’t say no…