Marriage, Moving countries & Other Things

How are you liking Belgium? I get this question atleast once a day, and if its a busy day, sometimes three times too.

When Shailin & I got engaged, we didn’t know where we would be living. It would be a mutual decision, but I was aware since years of dating Shailin that his work might command him to live majority of the year in Belgium, and since my work was not bound to geographical limits, it was definitely an option. Although, inside my heart, I hoped we would cohesively settle on India. I had an awesome work set up, physically and strategically, that I was extremely happy with, my entire family lived there, I saw my dad and my brother every day at work (we shared a space) and I had a small set of the most wonderful friends a girl could ask for. Moms hugs were a mere 15 minutes from where I would be living too. 

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My Favorite Photo Spots/Locations In Paris

I’ve been lucky enough to visit the city of lights, Paris, rather frequently in the last few months. It’s no surprise that Paris is Instagram-heaven for a content-hungry blogger like me but it can be rather intimidating if it’s your first time there – simply because there are just so many locations to pick from. Every corner is practically breathtaking, and yet you need that perfect location to get you an authentic Parisian feel.

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Glittering Dreams In Paris

This will go down as one of my dreamiest shoots ever. Naturally when you’ve got La Tour Eiffel as your backdrop thats meant to happen, but more than anything it was the state of mind I was in. My trip to Paris started off as an absolute mayhem (you’ll know why on my youtube channel soon) and then just as easily, it transformed into one of the best trips ever. I genuinely felt so lucky and grateful to be there every minute that I was and I made every attempt to make the most of it – right from attending as many events as I possibly could, to shooting with Parisian photographers, to going that extra mile to create content.

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First Look Of Paris Fashion Week

Reporting live from Paris Fashion Week! Ahh, so excited to have the opportunity to be here and attend my first ever international fashion week!
Russssshing for a show so don’t have time to dive into too many details but here’s my outfit for Day 1. I wanted to be comfortable since I had a super long day so I opted for moccasins even though heels would have made my stump legs look a lot more flattering with this belted skirt. I don’t wear black too often but it’s a color I’m extremely comfortable in, and with all my nervousness around my first ever PFW, it made for the perfect choice. I’ve added all the links below to shop this outfit, so make sure you check them out.

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French Paradise – Part 1

I’m extremely excited to finally begin my South of France blog series. Shailin & I road tripped around this absolutely breathtaking region with the help of ‘A Travel Duet‘ (a boutique travel company specialising in couple travels) and we genuinely had the time of our lives.

We kickstarted our trip with an exquisite French experience at the Chateau Saint-Martin & Spa, located in Vence and just a 30min drive from Nice. By the time we checked in it was already 9:30pm and thanks to flight delays, we were exhausted. From the minute we entered the gates of this hotel, we knew this was going to be an exciting 3 days. I’ve travelled quite a bit around Europe in the last 10 years and I haven’t come across European service of this par. Our car and luggage was taken care of and we were escorted to a vanity to freshen up and then guided to our 8 course meal  their gourmet restaurant Le Saint-Martin.
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