I Launched A Jewellery Line With Shaze!

Definitely going down as one of my most exciting and precious collaborations of 2018 would be launching my very own jewellery line with Shaze.

Jewellery has always been so close to my heart & when I was asked to co-create a luxury line with Shaze, I couldn’t resist! The next obvious question was – what were we going to create? I decided to ditch the trend forecasts & reach within myself to find something that would make an impact. I traced back to my never ending battle of perfection (that I & everyone else around me was constantly in) & I decided to use that as
the core value of this collection. ‘Perfection is Overrated’ became the heartbeat of our collaboration. We ditched symmetry, shapes, definitions & symbols to create something free-flowing, amoeba-ish, expansive.
Each piece demonstrates accepting who you are in exactly the form you are in, each piece celebrates the beauty of imperfection.

In 2019, I’m Saying YES To Everything!

Happy New Year my lovelies! I wish you all tremendous happiness, luck, success and self-love this new year! Thank you for your limitless support towards my posts and work, I truly appreciate it and hope to deliver a LOT more this 2019. I’m feeling extremely optimistic about this year and I have no idea why! Just have this little tingling feeling that good things are going to happen and I’m holding onto it! I read this tin excerpt somewhere and I’ve kind of been practicing it sub-consciously. It is to say YES to everything that comes way. And then life will simply say YES back at you 🙂

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The Miss Style Fiesta Copenhagen Guide

These days, Copenhagen is on everyone’s radar. And for good reason too. Everyone seems to be getting onto the Scandinavian design bandwagon, and in a world of all the innumerable food trends, Nordic Cuisine slips into the mix very well. And then of course, modern-day Danes have made a reputation for themselves as some of the happiest and most peaceful people in the world! I had the PLEASURE of visiting Copenhagen for my BIRTHDAY (Yesssss, dream life) and I can tell you from personal experience – this charming city is a picture-perfect image of a cosmopolitan European capital.

Food, art, or design. You WILL fall in love with the vitality of this awesome city! I did thanks to the folks at A Travel Duet and Wonderful Copenhagen 🙂 Scroll down for all my photos!

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5 Tried & Tested Remedies To Reduce Dark Circles

I have suffered from dark circles for a very long time and here are my tried and tested remedies to remove dark circles.

Dark circles are one of the biggest pain points when it comes to beauty related queries and I personally know this because I was affected by this too. I’ve felt uncomfortable walking out of my house without concealer since years now. My dark circles just made me look and feel tired even on days that I absolutely wasn’t. And after trying tons and tons of remedies over the years, I finally saw an impact of almost 60% in my dark circles (shocking right?!) a couple of months ago and only then did I actually believe that this was not a life-long problem. So today, I’m very excited to share with you the most effective tips that have worked for me! This has been life changing for me (no exaggeration, anyone with dark circles will agree) and I hope it does wonders for you too!

Your Guide To The Best Sales + Discount Codes This Black Friday 2018

Its that time of the year – BLACK FRIDAY SALES! Since the very first year I discovered online shopping, this has been an important day in my life. Fellow shopaholics, I know you feel me! Although, much to my disappointment, year after year I tend to spend as much time actually shopping as I do on researching all the coupon codes and the best deals. This year I decided do the very same for myself and then create this blogpost so I could save YOU that precious time!