8 Days Of DIOR

My absolute favorite part about the Dior campaign was the invention of its concept. The redesigning of the term luxury and the act of normalising the grandeur of couture. Coming to India for #8DaysWithDior (in India) sounded like an absolute treat. But how was I going to infuse it with my touch, my vibe and most importantly, all things ‘India’ into it?

To a millennial like me, luxury and couture isn’t something I would like to save for a big or special occasion. Rather, I prefer to invest in pieces that I could wear every single day, that I could wear casually, that I could transition and make utmost use of – and that’s something I was sure of wanting to convey through this campaign. The evolution of luxury and what it means to young ladies around me.

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The Only Sandals I’m Wearing Right Now

I wasn’t really a sandal girl until these Giuseppe beauties converted me. I’ve recently had the revelation that my outfits are almost always quite experimental and/or funky and/or have tons of going on – so the best kind of footwear i should be investing in is more subtle colors.

Found this combination of black & metal that ‘kinda’ falls into the subtle category and I genuinely cannot get my feet off them. Best investment I made this summer. Whats yours?

Finding Literal Paradise

Please note that the following blog holds no exaggerations and all facts & feelings will be expressed in its truest form.

Now that summer has officially started here in the European side of the world, I find myself constantly reminiscing about my absolute favorite beachy vacation spot—the Maldives! This past February, Shailin and I were lucky enough to be able to celebrate our one-year anniversary on this beautiful island, thanks to the One & Only Reethi Rai resort. It’s crazy to think this place is so close to India, yet neither of us had ever been! With that being said, it was totally worth the wait because we got to experience its beauty together on a trip filled with sunset swims, dinners on the beach, and tons of love and laughter. I’m not quite sure that there are enough words to explain my love for this little paradise, but I will definitely try my best.

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International Fashion Show London

As you all already know, one of my most favorite cities in the world is London, and for more reasons than one. Whether it be the weather (yes, even the rainy days!), the people, the food, or the fashion, London is just the dreamiest city ever. But, one thing I love in particular is the diversity of London. People from all walks of life and all different countries settle there, which means the city is filled with tons of diverse styles and unique looks—any fashion lovers dream! This is why London was the perfect place to host this year’s International Fashion Show.

Spring In London

London: my home away from home. Last week, I spent time in this bustling city going from meeting to meeting with different brands to plan lots of exciting collaborations! Although my focus was business and getting my hustle on, I was invited to stay at the Royal Lancaster London and it was an offer I couldn’t refuse. After a long day of work, each night here let me live out my princess fantasies!