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Back when I started my blog in 2010, everything was completely different. My family members took my pictures, brand collaborations were NOTHING like they are today, people gave me funny looks when I told them what I did, Instagram had barely launched… the list goes on and on. One major difference was that there was no one who had previously done what I was doing. Yes, this was great because I got to be a pioneer, especially in the blogging industry back in India. But the downside was that there was no one to look up to as inspiration either. Having strong role models can make such a huge difference in accelerating your career, especially for #WomenInBusiness, so when I heard about a recent initiative by one of my favorite brands, Dior, I was obviously thrilled at the possibility of impact this could create for so many women just like me.

On March 12th and 13th, Dior opened its office doors to over 200 girls from around the globe (think Paris, London, Milan, New York, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Seoul, Tokyo) for Women @ Dior, its second annual weekend of mentorship based on the principle of sorority, which according to the brand is “the feminine solidarity that exists beyond traditional, cultural, and geographical frontiers.”



Each young woman, who is on track to become a leader in fashion, business, or technology, has been paired with a female Dior employee under the age of 30 who will serve as a mentor throughout the next year. The mentors were chosen for their talent, ambition, AND generosity—I love this third trait because kindness is just as important as being a go-getter!

Women Dior 2

Women 3

Women Dior 4

The weekend included panels about Dior’s design and business practices, workshops with a law firm about emotional intelligence, activities with an artist about how to better communicate, and a boardroom meeting with Dior’s execs who shared their personal journeys and advice on how to shatter the “glass ceiling”. Plus, employees of the company will head to the girls’ home cities throughout the year for additional programming.

Reading about Women @ Dior made me wish I could turn back time and attend. Supporting other women will change the landscape for #WomenInBusiness and I love that Dior is pioneering this cause. Of Christian Dior Couture’s four creative directors, three are women so this company really does practice what they preach. Dior is not only supporting the women of today, but also the women of tomorrow and I can’t wait to see all that they accomplish!





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