Vegetarian & Instagram-Friendly Travel Guide To Zurich


Hey guys! As promised, I’ve put together a little travel guide of Zurich with all my favorite things to do and places to eat at. We’d initially planned this trip wanting to bring in the New Year in a snowy place, but much to our luck, it didn’t snow at all. I can’t be complaining about the weather one bit though, because we got the gorgeous winter sun and a whooping 10degree average everyday which is just pure bliss for this time of the year. It was our first ‘couple trip’ with our friends and we were definitely anxious about how that was going to go but voilaaa, success!! We had an amaaaazing time with them, fell in love with the city/cute town(?!), and had a 100% hit ratio with all our meals. Now, lets dive into the details!

Day 1 greeted us with fabulous weather. It seemed opportune to walk up to Lake Zurich which was (again, surprisingly!) buzzing with people all out to bask in the glory of a rare sunny winter morning. We lost track of time walking around and chatting up a local who was sitting beside us at the lake,  LOL. I somehow manage to do this every place I visit, because I for believe that these random conversations are what truly make any travel experience ‘authentic’. Not only did he crack us up with funny anecdotes about the city, he was also kind enough to recommend the best places to eat. Hence, touchdown, pizzeria Molino. We loved the pizza here and the cozy seating made it even better.

As the afternoon rolled by and the sun started its downward descend, we decided to continue exploring for the little time we had before the weather turned upon us. Funnily enough, we walked a lot more than we intended to mesmerized by the city’s Christmas decorations. Dispersed remnants of Zurich’s popular Christmas market remained, giving us a glimpse into what the atmosphere would have been like had we visited 2 weeks before we actually did.

Dinner that night had to be a regal affair for us since we din’t have any bookings per say for an actual NYE party. We ended up at an Italian restaurant called Santa Lucia which served me a truffle ravioli that literally brought me to tears. The live music (Spanish folk songs can never go wrong!) and the impeccable service made it a perfect evening for all of us. The comic highlight of the trip came next, when after stepping outside the restaurant we realized that we only had 15 minutes till midnight! The whole lot of us made a made dash back to Lake Zurich where we were scheduled to see the fireworks. It was only 10 minutes away, but any woman who has tried to even brisk walk in 5 inch heels, will feel my skin win

P.S. – WE DID MAKE IT in time for the fireworks’ show. And it was absolutely dreamy! 

Our 2nd Day began only in the afternoon, as is the story of all January 1st’s. We woke up with a sushi craving and Zomato lead us to Negishi, a delightful sushi bar which is known for serving vegetarian, vegan and lactose free delights. The host was super accommodating and the vibe was just wonderfully relaxed. Exactly what we like after a loooong night. Since cobbled streets and medieval architecture call out to me like nothing else, our next stop was Old Town Zurich. Trust me when I say this, no Pinterest pins, Trip Advisor images or blogs can capture the actual beauty of this enchanted place. Every single street has its own charm, and you’ve just got to see it to believe it! While exploring the streets we stumbled across the Grossmünster Cathedral, that (at the risk of sounding corny) seemed to call out to me. It seemed like a nice thing to do, to pray a little and say our thank yous on the first page of another 365 page book. A quick 5 minute stop and we were back to sightseeing and waltzing in and out of all open boutiques; as Shailin raved on and on about a hot chocolate we picked up at what seemed like Zurich’s most famous café, Cafe Schober (another random find!) we walked back to our AirBnB for a bit of rest.

As the sun began to set, we made way to the attraction I was looking forward to the most – The Library Bar at the B2 Boutique Hotel & Spa! Let me warn you – the gigantic shelves lined with 33000 books leave you feeling overwhelmed and awe inspired all at once. I had to remind myself to breathe, haha! Our night concluded with literally the most satisfying dinner ever at the Swiss Chuchi , one of Zurich’s most popular Cheese Bar’s where I was invited for a dinner tasting. It’s times like these when I am reminded of just how lucky I am to have the best job in the world! Not only were their different Fondues simply OUT OF THIS WORLD, the service was phenomenal! The hosts made sure to not only explain the history of Swiss cuisine, but to also tell us about chocolate and the technicalities involved in Fondue eating (who knew this existed, right?) As authentic a Swiss experience as it could get, one that I’d like to revisit with my family and friends sooner than later.

On the 3rd morning, we decided to go back to Café Schober with our friends for breakfast that happened to merrily turn into brunch. The croissants were unbelievably fresh but the pain au chocolat is what took my heart away. We literally just sat there, in what felt like the inside of a Christmas tree, watching people celebrate the last day of the Holiday season, for I think over 3 hours. We were yet to go and witness the opulence of Bahnhofstrasse, one of the most expensive streets in not only Switzerland, but the world. Not the most impressive experience, I’d say skip!

ZURICH – Where To Eat (Vegetarian Food)

Pizzeria Molino’s

Other than the pizzas, try the mushroom risotto. It’s positively heart warming!

Restaurant Santa Lucia

Super adorable, incredibly lively (they bring in bands from other European countries for live performances!) Italian restaurant with excellent service.

I definitely recommend trying out their Truffle Ravioli. lip-smakin’!

Negishi Sushi Bar

The best part – they offer gluten free soy sauce, lactose free delicacies and a huge range of vegetarian sushi along with the usual seafood and meat variations.

Cafe Schober

THE Hot Chocolate IS A MUST! (Shailin’s words, I’m not that into lactose.)

Plus the fact that you feel like you’re sitting inside a Christmas tree. Just perfect!

Restaurant Swiss Chuchi

The nicest hosts, plates laden with deadly amounts of cheese in every form under the sun and an atmosphere of pure Swiss pride.

I’d personally recommend Fondue Raclette, Fondue Rusty and their in-house Macaroni.

Swiss Heaven!

Joe & The Juice

You can’t go wrong with the sandwiches here!

Zurich – Things To Do! (We managed only the first four)

  1. The Library Bar at B2 Boutique Hotel and Spa. Brunching in the presence of  33,000 books is the experience of a lifetime!
  2. Walk around old town’s narrow cobbled streets and visit the many cute boutiques & restaurants
  3. Go to Lindenholf for the best views (in the middle of old town itself)
  4. Visit Zurich’s Top 5 Chocolate Cafes – Cafe Schober, Confiserie Sprungli, Confeserie Teuscher, Laderach – Chocolatier Suisse, Volllenweider Chocolatier Confiseur to experience a chocolate extravaganza like never before!
  5. Dine at Restaurant Haus Hitl – especially if you’re on the lookout for some mouth watering vegetarian food!
  6. Hike up the Uetliberg Mountain – not only does it have the best views of the city, it’ll also help burn off the cheese and chocolate calories!
  7. The Tower of Grossmünster Cathedral for a view that’ll leave you spellbound!
  8. If you plan on traveling around the holiday season, make sure to get there before December the 23rd. You don’t want to miss the Christmas market, it’s one of the raddest ones around.


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    Aw. Just love to see both of you together! How cute do you guys looks together. Stay blessed 🙂 Love..

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    Thank you for such an elaborate account of all the places you visited and loved! Makes one want to be there. 🙂

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    Hi Sweetie!!

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