3 Things That Make Me Feel More Confident


Instagram and the internet in general, can be rather deceptive. The sore truth is, I’m not always poised and definitive about my life, about the choices I need to make every single day and as a matter of fact, even my outfits! I have my valleys of emotions and sometimes, after going through the whole cycle of questioning, I end up realising what we all know – life is about uncertainty.

Your survival mechanisms will make you second guess everything – so it’s your job to find a way to remind yourself to continue feeling good about the one thing that matters the most – YOURSELF. I find myself repeatedly turning to a couple of things to make myself feel more confident, be it on an everyday basis or on important days. Here’s what works for me!

1) Talking to my reflection

Whenever I see my reflection anywhere – I take it as a sign from the Universe. So I give myself a toothy grin and say – “Baby girl, YOU GOT THIS!”

Works like a charm every single time and just calling out to myself as ‘baby girl’ itself gives me this warm, cozy feeling of self-love and boost that you can never have enough of.

2) Sky High Heels!

This is my go-to tool that I use whenever I need a reminder about where my spirit belongs – high up in the sky. Nothing like 5 inchers to make you feel that you can easily reach the stars!

3) Wear a perfume that symbolifies with boldness and courage to me!

It’s a proven fact that scents have a profound effect on human emotions, which is why, other than my daily essentials, I’ve set aside some perfumes to be worn on days when I need a specific frame of mind.

The Shazé Good to Be Bad has become a recent favorite, not only because it’s got all my favorite notes (fruity, aquatic and peppery – surprisingly they work together brilliantly!), but also ‘cuz the bottle has got this silver lid that’s essentially the face of a Greek God fused with a pair of devil horns (guaranteed to find a place on my desk once the scent runs out!). I personally prefer keeping the miniature in my handbag to serve as a mood-booster through the day, especially if my day perfume isn’t suited for all the action that goes on after hours.

Plus the fact that at the first go the perfume is fruity + spicy, giving you the feeling of being miss goody two shoes, but once it settles down and lingers, it magically converts into something more vague and mysterious, altering your aura into that of someone who isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty to get what she wants. Can’t get any more confident than that, can we?

P.S – How in-sync is the name ‘Good to be Bad’ right? After all, to be a confident boss lady you’ve got to be fierce and bold and occasionally thrill-seeking and wild and just literally race down the path less travelled!

What I’m Wearing: Jacket – Maje, Turtleneck – Uniqlo, Pants – River Island, Sunglasses – Primark, Jewellery – Les Néréides Dubai

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