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These days, Copenhagen is on everyone’s radar. And for good reason too. Everyone seems to be getting onto the Scandinavian design bandwagon, and in a world of all the innumerable food trends, Nordic Cuisine slips into the mix very well. And then of course, modern-day Danes have made a reputation for themselves as some of the happiest and most peaceful people in the world! I had the PLEASURE of visiting Copenhagen for my BIRTHDAY (Yesssss, dream life) and I can tell you from personal experience – this charming city is a picture-perfect image of a cosmopolitan European capital.

Food, art, or design. You WILL fall in love with the vitality of this awesome city! I did thanks to the folks at A Travel Duet and Wonderful Copenhagen 🙂 Scroll down for all my photos!

Stay. Like a fairy queen!

In central Copenhagen sits this curious coupling of Arabian Nights- style luxuriousness mixed with Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale-esque style and of course a smidgeon of Scandi minimalism – NIMB Hotel. The interiors were impeccable and the service, well, brilliant. Sure it is pricey but if you want to spoil yourself, this is the place to be; don’t think twice! And my favorite part? It’s smack dab in the middle of Tivoli Gardens!

Enjoy. The second oldest operating park in the world.

Yes, Tivoli Gardens are gorgeous! But this theme park isn’t your typical one. Yes, it has all these pretty rides, loads of food stands, music and beautiful buildings but it also has some of the oldest rides around! There’s even this amazing wooden roller coaster, all the way from 1914! So vintage! In the evenings, all the lights twinkle, and the band plays and it becomes the most lovely, fairy-tale, romantic setting ever! Sigh…

Visit. The world’s longest pedestrian shopping street.

Strøget is this 1.1km long, traffic-free stretch of shops! And don’t we love shops! There’s everything here, from budget-friendly chains to expensive designer boutiques. Yay! I would however suggest you check out those side streets. They are so much more interesting with a mix of vintage and independent stores. Expect plenty of uber-stylish and high-design goods – it’s Scandinavia of course!

Walk. For the perfect instagram feed.

I always suggest walking to see the city from a different point of view. Get into those tiny lanes, stop by a local store, look up, look around, and of course take all those amazing photographs to be the envy of your followers on instagram! Magstræde, Krusemyntergade, Gråbrødre, Torv.

Cycle. To get to know the city.

Of course, walking is great. But Copenhagen is a city of cyclists. Ergo in order to experience Copenhagen the authentic, local way, we got ourselves cycles and jumped into their saddles. We had our very own guide, but you could do this on your own too if you want; the city bikes have a built-in GPS and information system.

Go explore. Trendy neighbourhoods.

Christiansvahns is one such trendy area with cool cafes, retro stores, kitschy gift shops, bodegas and those fancy restaurants that boast month-long waiting lists. Personally, I took to Christiania in Christiansvahns. It’s a self-governing free state famous for its alternative culture. Hippy goods, pretty exceptional graffiti and a chance to meet some of its interesting residents – although if you want to make friends just remember not to take photos on “Pusher Street” (for obvious reasons).

But if you’d rather like to go posh, Østerbro is the upscale place to visit. Wide boulevards, expensive villages in green surroundings, district cafes, gorgeous shops and attractive waterfront hangouts, make this completely worth the visit.

Of course, if you would like the typical coloured houses photo-op, touristy Nyhavn is the place to go.  And frankly, I would say, touristy or not, you shouldn’t miss it. It’s a fun area for an afternoon beer or wine!

Relax. And take the plunge. (I HAD THE BEST TIME HERE)

When it gets a bit chilly outside or along the piers, it’s always good to strip down to your swimsuits and jump in! I am very serious! We did too! Jump into a lovely steaming hot tub that is! You have the choice of sitting pretty in an outdoor sauna or hot tub with the most wonderful views to match or if you prefer being on the move while you indulge, you can get yourself a motorized tub with your very own skipper and butler too! Fancy and fun I say!

Fall in love. With the food. Vegetarian Guide!

Copenhagen, I realised, is a foodie’s paradise! It is after all home to the world’s best restaurant. (Although, we didn’t eat there this time around.) But this city is filled, over-flowing even, with cosy eateries that serve creative meals or  exclusive restaurants with posh nosh. And the whole organic, healthy-eating, vegan trend? Definitely present here in a big way! Yes, even though the Danes are known to be heavy meat-eaters!

So first we had lunch at Restaurant Palægade. These guys have the best smørrebrød! That’s the traditional ‘open-faced’ sandwich. It’s the very best of traditional Danish cuisine interpreted by young, modern chefs. And of course they do vegetarian very well! It was a great intro to Danish cuisine!

Then there was dinner at Veve. They serve amazingly worldly vegetarian dishes! And its set in a really beautiful warehouse in Østerbro. Oh, yes, it’s Michelin too! But it’s informal and comfortable, the price list too!

Also a wonderful experience was Väkst. It actually has a lush greenhouse right in the heart of Copenhagen!

This garden-like restaurant focuses on tasty veggies, the wines are light and all-in-all it gave that summer-like vibe I love so much.

They focus primarly on creating mouthwatering dishes based on vegetables (from their greenhouse), but are in no way dogmatic, and surely love a nice, grilled steak or a juicy piece of fish as well.

And finally, you just cannot miss La Glace. This is a patisserie. And hubby dearest organized a wee surprise for yours truly (With the Celebrations team at A travel Duet of course) there. They have a deliciously large selection of cakes made from the choicest ingredients. It is also the oldest patisserie in Denmark. Old-fashioned coffee, tea, and real chocolate is served always in a pot – to be refilled of course. La Glace is a haven in the city. A time warp for pleasure and indulgence.

Design. It’s everywhere.

No. I definitely didn’t forget Danish Design! How can you when you have it everywhere you look!

Functional. Edgy. Timeless. Minimalistic. Quality. Danish design, whether it is furniture or clothing, is known all over the world for its clean, simple lines, great materials and classic creations that never go out of style.  So obviously, I had to take a canter into some of the best stores and get myself some souvenirs!

At Hay House they create contemporary furniture and design products with an eye for modern living. You will find straightforward and functional furniture and design pieces in unconventional shapes, and even smaller often funny things for the home; I picked up a coupla cool cushions too!

Then there was Stilleben in the center of the city. It’s actually been a ‘must-see’ for ten years now! The owners are ceramic designers themselves who have a flair for picking upcoming designers. Shopping at Stilleben is a real genuine Copenhagen shopping experience.
Now, when you think of a store chain, nothing interesting in terms of shopping comes to mind right? Well, you’ll change your mind when you visit Søstrene Grene then. It has something for everyone but true to Danish design, it’s all wonderfully creative, functional and top quality design!

Of course, there were so many many more brilliant experiences we had together. We even enjoyed a romantic tete-a-tete time and again. A balcony lunch here, a stolen kiss there, a surprise cake, a secret message, sigh… hubby dearest does tick all the right boxes there!

And Wonderful Copenhagen and A Travel Duet created the best itinerary to fit all that in!

When we #bondoverexperiences we #duetdifferently for sure!

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