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Etching Our Fairytale On My Palms #Shailoom


This day will go down in history as one of the most favourite, most cherished days of my life. We started the day with a puja, continued into my Haldi function, then sat to apply mehendi and finally, finished with our grand finale dance practice. Sitting tight for 5 hours in my heavily decorated home sweet home, surrounded by the closest people in my life, it was the perfect kickstart to our wedding functions.

My Platinum Moment


My 5-year-old journey with Shailin has been etched with the most exhilarating and the fuzziest feelings my heart has ever felt. When I close my eyes, and think of our journey together, a black and white movie reel in fast forward motion flashes before my eyes, embodying all of our most integral moments. Good or bad, the moments that make us, us.

Where do I begin? Right from our first random text, to our late-night phone calls, the painfully awkward Skype sessions or the most thought-through proposal, it’s been a journey more wonderful than I could have hoped for. So many times, that I wanted to pause time and live just a little longer in that indescribable moment.

1 Month To Go… #Shailoom


I’ve had almost one and a half year of courtship, aka enough valuable time to plan the commanding day that lies ahead of us. And yet, as the last, pivotal, 30 days loom over me, all I can see around me is a state of panic. I can’t help but think about eloping and just escaping from the madhouse my mind currently is. Would it save everyone the trouble? Dramatic reference to Las Vegas from my favorite high school TV show, I know I know. In this state of quickly spreading agitation, had it stopped being about the union of our hearts, but largely