New Room Tour! Edition 0.5


I’ve been promising a room tour for agessssss but trust me, my laziness is not to blame at all. Shailin and I have both been so busy with work that we haven’t gotten around to finishing up our room yet. A lot of experts also advised me to never rush the process, but let it go on for months (don’t worry, its not a dumpyard, my room is in 100% livable conditions) and pick and choose pieces and elements as and when I come accross them. I took that advice very seriously since it fits in perfectly with my crazy blogger life schedule.

Incase you’re wondering, these are the things I still need to get/finalise: a rug below my bed, a chair/some seating, a full lenght mirror, a hanging light, a plant, bed cover and floor cushions! Do you guys have any recommendations of where I can get these from? Let me know in the comments!

But onto the more exciting part – what I DID finalise and is one of my most favvvvorite parts of my room – my rug in my dressing area. My cupboards didn’t turn out exactly the way I wanted them to be thanks to some technical barriers and I was pretty bummed out at how dull the place looked, until my little baby arrived. You all know how much I love colors, and this rug lightened up my dressing like a firecracker! I chose it online from the Jaipur Rugs website and they shipped it over to me! Check out more of their stuff here 🙂

Masoom_Fashion_Blogger_Belgium_Antwerp-00210 Masoom_Fashion_Blogger_Belgium_Antwerp-00226 Masoom_Fashion_Blogger_Belgium_Antwerp-00250

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