Changing Weather And Hair Woes!


If you’ve been keeping tabs on me, you will know that #Shailoom turned one last month. Yes, one year ago, Shailin and I held our dream wedding in Mumbai and headed on a magical honeymoon to New Zealand. For the most part, everything that has followed has been just as great. Despite the initial challenge of getting my visa and moving to Belgium (if you want to read more about that, head here- link to that post), I can confidently say my first year of marriage was a dream.

Well… almost….

Maybe it was my peaceful surroundings or the fact that I finally had some downtime, but while I was on vacation in the Maldives celebrating my anniversary with Shailin, I got to mulling over the smallest things about the past year. And I realized the one aspect of life in Antwerp that had kept me from my perfect happily ever after!

The unexpected villain in my almost fairytale was…


I bet lots of you right now are wondering what highly mineralized water has to do with my life, so let me explain. Very soon after moving to Antwerp, the number of good hair days I experienced started dwindling rapidly. At first, I thought it was the new, drier climate sucking the moisture out of my locks. But the more time passed, the more insecure I was becoming about my hair. I am no stranger to hair issues thanks to years of constant styling, but I was now dealing with countless split ends, thinning strands, and, every woman’s biggest nightmare, hair loss! I had never grappled with these issues on such a large scale before!

Rather than wallow in my hair care woes, I decided to take action and set out on finding a new hair care regime to transform my mane. There are countless hair care companies out there promising to work wonders on your hair, but I wanted something healing and healthy. I was beyond the point of just having hair that looked good, I needed it to feel good too! And lucky for me, I found the perfect solution. Answering my hair SOS was Moroccanoil!

I decided to commit to the three-product Moroccanoil range meant for hair recovery. First up in this trio is the Moroccanoil Moisture Repair Shampoo. I won’t bore you with the details of how to wash your hair (I think we’ve all mastered lather, rinse, repeat), but what I do want to do want to say about this shampoo is how amazing its ingredients are. Its got all the good stuff (antioxidant-rich argan oil, reconstructive keratin, nourishing fatty acids) and none of the bad. What do I mean by “bad”? Well, sulfates, phosphates, and parabens. So many other shampoos use these ingredients to make your scalp seem clean (because they help produce lots of bubbles), but all these ingredients do is strip your hair of essential nutrients. Moroccanoil’s shampoo gives me an amazingly clean, no harmful chemicals needed! And, if you’re wondering whether this product will work on colored, chemically processed, or often heat styled hair, don’t worry, it does! In fact, all these products will treat and protect against the damage caused by such practices.

Once my scalp is clean, I cover my hair, especially the ends, with Moroccanoil Moisture Repair Conditioner. Just like the shampoo, this product has none of the nasty stuff and just the simple, high-quality ingredients designed for hair that needs some serious TLC. And while this conditioner is deeply hydrating, it’s not heavy at all!

Last, but certainly not least, is the Moroccanoil Treatment. I towel dry my hair before rubbing about a pump of this product throughout my hair and then I proceed to blow dry. This product helps detangle and speeds up drying time, which has made the whole blow-drying process so much easier. Plus, this product’s main ingredient, argan oil, means perfectly smooth and shiny hair. It can also be used on dry hair, so when I need a mid-day touch-up, I simply apply a bit more to tame the flyaways.

Within one month of following this simple routine (I mean, how much easier can it get than three products?), my tresses are back to their soft, bouncy, and, most importantly, healthy self! I think it has all come down to the high-quality ingredients in these products. Their nourishing properties have given my hair so much extra protection and made my strands stronger, so that hard water, my former foe, is now just a part of normal, everyday life!

Have any of you experienced hair crises? What did you do to solve the problem? Let me know in the comments below. Hope you all have many good hair days ahead!


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