Armani Spring 2019 – a Collection to die for or live for?


After all the excitement (& madness) of the fashion month, I finally have the headspace to share all my experiences at Milan Fashion Week with you’ll.

There’s something about being at fashion week, surrounded by the very best of the industry, shuffling between events, shows and outfit changes, which truly makes my heart swing with excitement. As I sit down reminiscing about my experiences, I am asking myself,

‘What was the most fun part about attending a fashion week in the biggest fashion capital in the world’? 

Guys, it’s hard to come up with one straight answer. Like asking a hard-core dessert lover to narrow down their ‘solo’ favourite dessert. Tough call!!!

 I think the question I need to ask myself is what do I not love about it? The process of styling looks, experimenting with the newest trends, rubbing shoulders with industry peers, letting fashions universe visually stimulate me & the mind-boggling creativity of pure geniuses enthral me and most important of all – sharing ALL of these experiences with my virtual family – I LOVE all of it!!!

I love the outfit I wore for the Armani Show. The minimal-meets-classic vibe of this outfit made me feel put together without going overboard. These puff-sleeved-beige-top with subtle yet dramatic detailing and these really comfy taffeta pants is one of my favourite looks from all the events. So chic! So Fresh! Both these pieces can be styled as gorgeous separates too! Keeping in mind the understated-glam vibe of Armani, I accessorised minimally – a classic structured Chanel Bag, a golden cuff/watch and my see-through sandals seemed perfect to accentuate my look and yet keep it subdued. #helloeffortlesschic

True to its brand, Armani’s creations were ‘sophisticated simplicity’ reigning in style with their perfectly tailored ready-to-wear collection. His creative play with fabrics in soft-hues and his less-is-more design approach clearly stood out for me. As I was exposed to the sartorial brilliance in the Armani’s glamorous world, all I could think was how much fun ‘Fashion’ can be when it’s experimented with & enjoyed playfully.

What I’m Wearing: The Fashion Dollz top (similar here), Toga Pulla pants (click here), Schutz shoes (click here), Chanel bag (click here).

Armani Show PC:

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