First off, ‘Happy happy happy birthday to meeee’!!! 27 was off to the best start I could have
asked for and 2019 has already been more than I could have ever imagined. I have seen a
shift and growth in my fashion choices over the last couple of years and can say with
complete surety that I am in the most experimental phase of my life and I could not have
done this without the LOVE and SUPPORT you guys shower on me!!
One such recent trend that I have adopted and could not be happier about is the Le Petit
Chiquito bag from Jacquemus. This sought-after bag has become an absolute trendsetter
this season and I am really glad that I was able to get my hands on one too! For all of you
who know me and have been following me for a while, you know I love to have my own take
on classics and trends alike, and that’s exactly the kind of fun I’ve been having with this
I love integrating Indian fashion with everything I style whenever relevant and this time too,
I decided to pair this gorgeous calf leather nugget with a lovely printed ivory blouse.
What Simon Porte Jacquemus envisioned this bag to be, is (as I interpret), the accessory for
a confident, sharp individual whose unique sensibilities and desire to stand out is
overpowered by the fear of its failure. That for me is why I connect with this bag so much.
Very often we think of combinations of colours, clothing, patterns or other fashion choices
that we are afraid to take on. We seek approval from those around us and then choose
whether or not to take the ‘plunge’, more so when investing in something expensive. That
right here is the reason why I connect with this bag so much.
As you all know, over the years, I have become way more FEARLESS when it comes to my
fashion aesthetics and with the unending support of my virtual family, I have only gotten
better. So here’s to me, to us, to bolder choices and better vices.
(P.S.: I carried this bag to my birthday party last weekend, I must really be obsessed!)

Now, coming to the exciting part, Shopbop is having their EOTS sale!
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Sales starts from: Wednesday, 25th September @ 7:18 am EST
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What I’m Wearing: Anamika Khanna blouse, Aaharya necklace & Jacquemus Le Chiquito bag (click here)

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