How I Planned My Bacholerette Hamper & Other Things’

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I recently did an Insta Live session where I answered questions related to my wedding and there was one repeated query that kept coming in. ‘How long I took to plan my wedding.’ I honestly didn’t take very long because I had well in advance decided to back off from the nitty-grittys. Here was my deal with my family. I would tell them my ideas, curate a wishlist of sorts, and they would try to deliver what was possible. Thanks to the inconvenient, exaggerated ideas that keep propping into my mind, loads from the list was instantly discharged, but some beautiful (read: realistic) ones were executed to perfection.

Ofcourse, to give birth to these ideas, I wasn’t the only one to be held responsible. My family and friends helped immensely, but ofcourse their services are exclusive to me 😛
However, there was one such entity that really helped me with my wedding planning, that YOU TOO, can utilise and take the help of 🙂
Wedding Brigade is a one-stop destination to discover your dream wedding, and make it a reality. In pretty much all categories. They work hard to curate the best wedding content, products, vendors and venues to make planning your wedding simpler and more fun. And being the master delegator that I naturally am, I decided to work with them to make my faaaar-fetched aspirations turn into reality.
I’m going to further break down into points how I worked with them!
1. Ideas and Inspiration
On the day you start planning your wedding, you’re pretty much a fish out of water, with not knowing where to start and how to achieve your fairytale wedding. To maintain my stance of trying to stay out of the wedding planning, I decided that I wanted one evening that would be completely curated by me. I spoke to the team at The Wedding Brigade about what would be my favorite function and how I could make it super unique. They did loads of research and helped me with plenty of theme ideas through shared ideas. Some of them were – a Belgium meets Bombay theme. a gypsy theme, a Parisian vibe, etc with element ideas for each.
2. Vendor Discovery
The Wedding Brigade became my sort of go-to for everytime I needed any wedding related answers. Whether it was venues for my functions or makeup artists in a specific budget, I simply called them and they would send me loads of options (with prices) for my queries. Infact, Janki from Altair Decor was infact introduced to me by them 🙂
3. Special Requests
TWB also worked on a super exciting project for me. One that was extremely close to my heart. Like you know, I went to Greece with my girls for my bachelorette and I wanted to make sure my bridesmaids hamper would reach them before the trip, and more importantly, be hampers that would be insanely special.
I had an idea in mind, but I was already in Belgium visiting Shailin and there was no way I could execute sitting half way across the world. Much to my pleasant surprise, TWB did an INCREDIBLE job at not only fulfilling my wishes but also helping with new ideas, and ensuring that it reached all my girlfriends in an urgent time-frame.


It was a 3 part hamper that included a ’10 Days To Go’ ‘5 Days To Go’ and a ‘2 Days To Go Hamper’ that would reach them during the countdown to the trip. Each hamper also had a really fun ‘checklist’ of things the girl’s should be doing in prep – say like pack their bags, get their foreign exchange etc. or something really thoughtful like ‘plan a date night with your boy because he shouldn’t disturb our girl time in Greece’.

TWB also made a custom logo design for the campaign incorporating bougainvillea flowers in and deep blue and white hues which was inspired by the beautiful houses in Mykonos!

Hamper 1: 10 Days To Go!

This was more of an ‘introductory’ hamper that set the tone for the countdown. The idea was to get the girls excited for  the epic #MMFLingsGreece Bachelorette that was to follow!

  • A Map of Greece, marking out the itinerary
  •  Virgin Mojito In A Jar!
  • A 8 Days To Go Checklist  with sassy suggestions
  • A Jar Of Granola (to help the girl’s with their checklist point 1 -start a detox healthy diet!
  • A mini bottle of sand and shells, and alcohol miniatures tied to it + a funky badge!
  • A pineapple – because the bride LOVES pineapples
  • A flag of Greece.
  • All packed into a really funky ‘fence’ shaped box!

Hamper 2: 5 Days To Go!

This hamper included a lot of cute prep and pamper goodies for the girl’s to enjoy. We wanted to make this more feminine and filled with products they could use!

  • A Floral Printed Tin Box by October Design Solutions, wrapped in lace and jute rope so it had a vintage rustic vibe.
  • A Facemask / Foot Soak by Bliscent
  • Metallic Tattoos
  • Mini Sunscreen from Neutrogena
  • A ‘Brides Crew’ Cap from Design Tuk Tuk
  • Some Cool Makeup Goodies from Nyx, Cinique & Bobbi Brown
  • A Detox Cold pressed juice
  • Some pretty flowers…
  •  the 5 Days To Go checklist!

Hamper 3: 2 Days To Go!

Sent to the girls in a PINATA that they had to literally burst open! Here’s what was in store:

  • A mini bottle of Moet with super sassy tag saying ‘Bubbles For My Bitches!
  • Customized Nightsuits from NightsuitCo
  • A Big Straw Hat – because everyone loves them these days!
  • Customised Baggage / Luggage Tag: We incorporated the #MMFlingsGreece hashtag and had all their names printed onto luggage tags.
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