Finding Literal Paradise


Please note that the following blog holds no exaggerations and all facts & feelings will be expressed in its truest form.

Now that summer has officially started here in the European side of the world, I find myself constantly reminiscing about my absolute favorite beachy vacation spot—the Maldives! This past February, Shailin and I were lucky enough to be able to celebrate our one-year anniversary on this beautiful island, thanks to the One & Only Reethi Rai resort. It’s crazy to think this place is so close to India, yet neither of us had ever been! With that being said, it was totally worth the wait because we got to experience its beauty together on a trip filled with sunset swims, dinners on the beach, and tons of love and laughter. I’m not quite sure that there are enough words to explain my love for this little paradise, but I will definitely try my best.

The One & Only Reethi Rai property is a five star, all-villa resort that’s located in the heart of the Indian Ocean, right off the coast of Sri Lanka. Even though Shailin and I visited for a romantic occasion, a place like this doesn’t need to be limited to just that—it’s great for families and even groups of girlfriends (I know mine would LOVE it!). For one of our daytime activities, Shailin and I decided to take up the resort’s offer for a private snorkeling tour. I have to admit– I’ve been snorkeling tons and tons of times before but trust me when I say this, I wouldn’t compare this experience to any other. We were goinG snorkelling with Manta Rays, and as expected, I was TERRIFIED. (But our instructor Nabeel made me feel so comfortable and at ease) It was sooo special! We literally swam with 15ft-huge manta rays, beautiful sea turtles, hundreds of different types of fish—it was incredible and definitely an experience I will never forget.

Another one of my Reethi Rai highlights was access to the private beach. There’s just something so special and unique about being on a beach alone. It’s like you really get to relax and chill out without the stress of anyone else around you. In my crazy hectic life filled with endless meetings and constant flights, that kind of zen was exactly what I needed! It was also great to be able to have so much quality time with Shailin, as our schedules are always so busy, we rarely have time to each other that’s so secluded from the rest of the world. The beach had the whitest sand and bluest water I’d ever seen. I couldn’t even believe it was real life. It was also a bloggers DREAM shoot location, and I have the pictures to prove it.

The One & Only Reethi Rai resort was truly a piece of heaven on Earth. It’s hard to believe places like it even exist in our world, but we are so lucky they do! Even with all the ups and downs that had occurred in the past year, the Maldives was the perfect backdrop to celebrate 365 days of Shailoom! I am already counting down the days to my next visit there, which will (hopefully) be very soon 🙂

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