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Say Disney and the first thing that comes to my mind is children’s cartoons, princes and princesses, and of course, Mickey. We all know (and love) Mickey, but white and red polkas aren’t exactly the most practical style for all situations. So when one of my favorite high-street Indian brands announced a Mickey-inspired collection, I was a bit apprehensive until I actually saw the VEROMODAxMickey collection.

Inspired by both Mickey and the Japanese art form of origami, the VEROMODAxMickey is a refined and mature, limited-edition collection. Don’t expect any crazy bright colors or patterns here; the clothing is in muted tones like black, charcoal grey, and soft pink. Subtle geometric prints and traditional Japanese script decorate the items, but all in a modern way.

Take, for example, this grey tee shirt covered with Japanese characters and a pair of geometric Mickey ears. The Mickey element is so subtle, that it looks like any other cool graphic tee shirt. I also love these grey trousers, whose drapey fabric are a subtle nod to Japanese fabrics and kimono styling.

Here are some of my favorite items from the collection. You can shop the collection now here.






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