A Trend I Can’t Get Enough Of


The weather has been such a spoilsport this year as it crushed my hopes every time I thought it was warm enough to sport a light jacket! I’m sure the rest of you are just as tired of this delayed spring. One way I’ve combatted the blues of a prolonged winter is by prepping my spring and summer wardrobe.

I recently went to the Spring/Summer 2018 collection reveal for Pinko in Antwerp, which was the perfect escape from the cold and peeked into what the warmer months have to offer.
I picked out a beautiful bag from Pinko, which I love to style with one of my favorite trends – the metallic pleated skirt!


Vogue recently analyzed in a case study on the fashion industry’s trickle-down effect, where one design house premieres a style on their runway followed by multiple celebrities wearing it and then several retailers reproducing the item at all price points. Mine is from the English Factory, which you can find on Shopbop, and it’s perfect for this weather. Paired with my Pinko bag, it has become a go-to wardrobe staple for me.

What I am wearing- Skirt: English Factory, Polo: Uniqlo, Jacket: Zara, Shoes: Jeremy Scott, Bag: Pinko


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