8 Days Of DIOR


My absolute favorite part about the Dior campaign was the invention of its concept. The redesigning of the term luxury and the act of normalising the grandeur of couture. Coming to India for #8DaysWithDior (in India) sounded like an absolute treat. But how was I going to infuse it with my touch, my vibe and most importantly, all things ‘India’ into it?

To a millennial like me, luxury and couture isn’t something I would like to save for a big or special occasion. Rather, I prefer to invest in pieces that I could wear every single day, that I could wear casually, that I could transition and make utmost use of – and that’s something I was sure of wanting to convey through this campaign. The evolution of luxury and what it means to young ladies around me.

Over & above everything, could not have been more excited to launch this Dior story and the F/W’18 collection on my channels. It’s such an honour and definitely one that I’ve always dreamed of.

Wearing head-to-toe Dior F/W’18

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