That Time I Colored My Hair


Watch my entire experience with coloring my hair for the very first. I was super nervous because I remember promising myself to never ever color my hair as a little girl. Not sure what changed along the way, but I suddenly had the urge to take the plunge. I style my hair everytime I shoot for the blog and I had heard a dozen times, how much texture and detail color would add to styled hair. 

I colored my hair from Aditi Vyas and here are the details you might want as reference if you liked my color:

Colour Techinque: Balayage / Full hair painting
Colours used:
Around the hair: Majirel 12.7 (Matte Brown) & Majirel 12.11 (Ash Brown)
Around the root: Majirel 6.11 & Majirel 8.31

I do wish I went just a tinge lighter, because as of now the color can only been seen in the sunlight (which is a definite disappointment) but I guess there’s always a next time.

Watch more videos on my Youtube channel here!

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  • hsajv
    July 27, 2017


  • Radhikajain
    November 17, 2017

    Very Good Video about the Hair Color. Information is quite thought provoking. It will be helpful for us Personally if followed in a proper way.

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