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I Launched A Jewellery Line With Shaze!

Definitely going down as one of my most exciting and precious collaborations of 2018 would be launching my very own jewellery line with Shaze.

Jewellery has always been so close to my heart & when I was asked to co-create a luxury line with Shaze, I couldn’t resist! The next obvious question was – what were we going to create? I decided to ditch the trend forecasts & reach within myself to find something that would make an impact. I traced back to my never ending battle of perfection (that I & everyone else around me was constantly in) & I decided to use that as
the core value of this collection. ‘Perfection is Overrated’ became the heartbeat of our collaboration. We ditched symmetry, shapes, definitions & symbols to create something free-flowing, amoeba-ish, expansive.
Each piece demonstrates accepting who you are in exactly the form you are in, each piece celebrates the beauty of imperfection.

Spring In London

London: my home away from home. Last week, I spent time in this bustling city going from meeting to meeting with different brands to plan lots of exciting collaborations! Although my focus was business and getting my hustle on, I was invited to stay at the Royal Lancaster London and it was an offer I couldn’t refuse. After a long day of work, each night here let me live out my princess fantasies!

What to Wear to a Big Fat Indian Wedding

There are many things I love about Indian culture, but hands down, one of my favorite aspects is weddings! Outside of South Asia, the idea of week-long wedding festivities sounds strange, over-the-top, and exhausting. But for us Indians, these long ceremonies and endless rituals are simply second-nature, allowing for more precious time with family and friends while making memories that we’’ll never forget. And if you’re like me, weddings are also your chance to dress up in your finest Indian clothes and jewelry. What can I say? It might not be your big day, but that doesn’t mean you can’t pull out all the stops!

Casual Outfit 101!

Say Disney and the first thing that comes to my mind is children’s cartoons, princes and princesses, and of course, Mickey. We all know (and love) Mickey, but white and red polkas aren’t exactly the most practical style for all situations. So when one of my favorite high-street Indian brands announced a Mickey-inspired collection, I was a bit apprehensive until I actually saw the VEROMODAxMickey collection.

How To Gain REAL Instagram Followers & Increase Engagement #WomenInBusiness

I’m sure you are familiar with (atleast I hope you are) my #WomenInBusiness series that I launched on Youtube. You can check it out here if you haven’t. Why I started this campaign is another story altogether and rather long to get into here but to sum it up minus-ing all the emotion – this is where I’ll be talking about one of my greatest passions – the business of fashion, extensively.

Today we’re talking about how to gain real Instagram followers and increasing your engagement.