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Ocean In My Lehenga #Shailoom

While planning my wedding outfits, I asked myself to describe what I wanted my ‘look’ to embody in one word and only then did I kick-off the detailed planning of each ensemble. My ‘one word’ for my Mehendi outfit was ‘Magnificent’.This was the hour that I wanted to look and wear the brightest, most striking outfit that would in some way, reflect the happiness I felt in my heart. Lucky for me, I had the most perfect designer to give me just what I wanted, in terms of grandness, volume and flamboyance. My outfit was customised for me by


What I’m Wearing – Lace top & trousers from SCOUP, Bershka sneakers & Zara bag

I’m sure all of you must have noticed that I have always picked up my style cues from a maximalist’s diary and yet been a sucker for intricate feminine detailing at the same time. Just my luck when I found Scoup.in, the newest entrance in India’s (rather vacant) casual fashion category.

Scoup, for that is the epithet, masters in carving out capsule collections involving the most ubiquitous pieces that amalgamate boho chic, feminine trims and denim details which have been inspired from the latest runways. Above, I’ve incorporated a  lacey top from their Forever whites collection along with one of their super comfy denims and completed the relaxed chic vibe with my white sneakers. I had just nailed the athleisure trend with minimum effort.

The Unconventional Indian Outfit

Tisha Saxena Draped Saree // New Look Shoes


For as far as my memory takes me, we Indians have held the good old 6 yard wonder (or 9 in some cases) close to our hearts and watched it, rather, experienced it, being reinvented as per the whims and fancies of the changing generations.


I remember haphazardly wrapping myself in my mum’s sarees as a child (or even an isolated dupatta if that had easier access), spending hours in isolation with a bulky mirror and my comical expressions. But as my

7-Step Smokey Eye (Beginners)

Like the little black dress, a smokey eye is timelessly sexy, and yet, like pretty much everyone else, I never got around to doing it thanks to the amount of work it looked like. As part of my recent bridal experience with Estee Lauder, among all the other incredible elements and pampering, I also picked one trend to learn from Rani, the inhouse makeup artist. Could have been my upcoming wedding or simply the dozen other weddings I have to attend this month, but I instinctly picked the Smokey Eye.

Jabong’s Republic Of DENIM


Experts from a super fun shoot with Jabong for their Republic Of Denim campaign! I chose a cropped denim dungaree dress to go with my Nike Roshe kicks.