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Paris With Longchamp

Shooting for Longchamp’s Fall/Winter ’17 collection in Palais Royal’s courtyard will definitely go down as one of the most dreamiest moments of my career. Naturally, have to share this awesome journey with you all.

I started my day with a very warm welcome from the Longchamp team in the heart of their universe – Paris! Longchamp, in all it’s glory as a design house, has always been irrefutably French. Authentic, luxurious, and so elegant. I couldn’t be more excited to experience their Parisian world first hand.

Style Meets Tech

I took my spanking new Nubia M2 out to play to a day packed with meetings and events and I’m excited to highlight my favorite features of the phone for you guys.

No guesses for what my favorite feature in a phone is. You have to have seen me on just one social media platform to have known that answer (and I have, well, 5). Duh, the camera! This phone kinda outdid my expectations when it came to this feature, because I was surprised with not just one, but two cameras.

How I Decided My Blog Aesthetic X 1989Co.

Not sure how many of you here have been with me since the very beginning, but as you might know, there have been a COUPLE of name changes when it came to my blog, and generally, me as a fashion entity.

So I started back in 2009 with just Style Fiesta and a coupe of years down the line when I launched my brand, I kinda, committed to keeping the name the same for my blog and my brand. Obviously, wrong move. Too many confused readers + customers later, I decided to let my brand keep my hard-earned followers on Style Fiesta and set out to find a recognisably similar, but separate handle for myself.

An Eves Affair

Yesterweek we (Team Miss SF) hopped in to get a sneak-peak of the newly launched ‘Diamonds of Eve’ collection by Zoya and here’s our take on the marvellous assemblage we witnessed.
This collection is master-crafted by jewellery maestro Sangeeta Dewan, and is a minimalistic constellation of understated yet contemporary designs made from 18K gold jaded with precious diamonds, rubies, tanzanites, sapphires, sea pearls and emeralds. What we especially loved –

Summer Embroidered On My Skirt

Last week I walked into the Max Fashion store (I’m sure the name needs no introduction) with my latte in tow to browse through their latest offerings and see if anything caught my eye. I have to say I totally loved the hip vibe exuded by their sartorial collection! I zeroed in on this particular outfit because it struck a chord with me – it was just what I was looking for! Something breezy, fun, effortless and airy enough to combat the summer heat.