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Take Me To The Lavender Fields

What could be more romantic than escaping into a lavender field in the Wakatipu Valley of New Zealand? Pretty much nothing.

My blogger soul literally shrieked¬†out when it saw these rows and rows of lavender bushes sitting pretty, just waiting for me to dive in. We stumbled upon this farm thanks to a random google search while scouting for things to do on a sunny day, and we consequentially landed up on Tripadvisor, which promised nothing but great reviews about Ben Lomond’s lavender farm run by an old couple and their passion for farming.


Today we’re talking about Wella’s new styling range, EIMI, and before we begin I’ve got to say – from the time I received these samples to the time I actually managed to squeeze in time to shoot with them – they were only half full.
Whether I wanted want wild texture, dazzling shine, a volume boost or a smooth and sleek finish, between these 3 products I could pretty much pick and choose to customize a style that would suit me. The EIMI collection comprises of 31 styling tools that focus on specific hair needs, as compared to a generic approach.
I, for one, am a sucker for volume. So the Dry Me dry shampoo and Root Shoot were the natural go-to products for me from this range. I’ve tried tons of dry shampoos to beat my ‘oily hair in 24 hours’ condition but Dry Me is most definitely reigning on my list. Ever since I received it, I’ve used it almost thrice a week, and every single time, it’s delivered fresh, matte hair with incredible volume.
I dive into my Root Shoot bottle on days that my hair needs an extra boost. I toss my hair upside down and spray onto my roots for a guaranteed high-precision root lift.
For days that my look calls for a more elegant, formal hairstyle, I turn to Perfect Me, a super delicate lotion that moistures my hair and perfects it enough to even tame fly-aways so I can achieve the precise look I’m going for.
EIMI is available in all Wella Professional salons. Simply ask your Wella Professional stylist for more information.
Can’t wait to use these at Fashion week! #SpeakStyleSpeakEIMI
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