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Stalking Buying Loving

Quick outfit post I shot while driving through Waitomo, on our way to Auckland. What’s it about these dreamy colored walls you find when you’re travelling that make you want to pull over and wonder about what went through the artists mind when they chose this milky aquamarine hue for a stretched building across the road from Subway?

Wearing a printed floral playsuit from one of my favorite Indian e-shopping brands, Stalk Buy Love. They always pamper me with the latest trends and I swoon over how their size S fits me just right. For a finishing touch, my all time favorite CAI just launched their pom-pom sandals that scream summer, making for an easy call.

Road Trip Exploring North Island, New Zealand

To be completely honest, New Zealand was not our first choice of destination while planning our honeymoon. We were meant to go to South America (which we both have been desperately wanting to) but because of some health and security hazards, we decided not to.

I had heard a countless times just how beautiful New Zealand was but I wasn’t convinced before we really set foot into this awfully photogenic island nation. As I write this post on my flight back home, I realise, in the 3 days that we drove through North Island, New Zealand I saw collectively the most extra-ordinary moments of my life. Beautiful, is a mere understatement.