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It’s no surprise that I’m just another victim of this omnipresent pollution that engulfs most of the metropolitan cities here in India. Internally and externally, it’s affecting us all in a MAJOR way, and today I’m going to be talking about combatting it on one my assets – my hair.

I quickly realized though, that I couldn’t completely combat the pollution all by my own and so the next best thing on my list was to shield myself from it. In doing so, it hit me that coating my hair with expensive protective serums just wasn’t enough as it wouldn’t do much for the itchiness I constantly experience on my scalp. Yes, my hair would like pretty awesome post-serum but internally there wasn’t going to be much difference. The problem however was that I couldn’t put a finger on the root cause of it. And that’s when these hair-messiahs came to my rescue.

Kerastase recently relaunched their Kerastase Specifique range that focuses mainly on correcting the ill-effects of pollution on your scalp. I would have thought that your hair is meant to protect the scalp and so there is no way that the pollution had made its way to the bottom but I couldn’t be more wrong!

I decided to give this much-a-do treatment a try. The L’oreal academy has diligently divided this soul-soothing process into 4 indulgent steps. Getting a thorough diagnosis of my scalp and examining the nature of it would make the most quintessential step of all. It is the step zero so to speak but is absolutely unavoidable and that I say with great imperative because I was surprised at my own results claiming my scalp to be sensitive. I did have a faint idea about my condition but would never have read between the lines of it had it not been for the experts at the academy. Aka the photo of my scalp was ugly as hell and TOTALLY red/swollen.

Once my diagnosis was out, the next obvious step was to figure out the suitable treatment which started with the first step of cleansing my scalp thoroughly. I emphasize ‘thoroughly’ because my scalp was first enwrapped with their detoxifying Masquargil hair mask followed by a nerve-tranquilizing massage with a scalp brush. It isn’t just any other brush but a very advanced sonic one that makes sure to excavate any impurities which would have otherwise never budged if bare hands were used like we do in our everyday hair rituals. My hair was then kneaded with the ultra soothing shampoo Specifique Bain Vital Dermo-Calm to mollify my affected hair. It really helped soothe my sensitive prone scalp.

The second step was dedicated to calming the irritation and sensitivity of my scalp. This was achieved by applying a super-cooling hydration mask called Masque Hydra-Apaisant that was quite literally chilling and befitting the sunny Mumbai afternoons. A tantalizing 5-care massage awaited me at the end of this step which was finished with utmost care and expertise. By the end of these elaborate rituals I was surely transported to hair-heaven and had no plans of returning anytime soon. I secretly kept hoping and wishing and praying to keep having these scalp-treating steps on repeat!

The last leg of this elusive treatment was step no. 3 which was meant to cure my scalp condition. For a rather long-lasting effect, a corrective leave-in serum(Cure Apaisante) was sprayed all over my scalp. This was done with the help of a specialized spray gun for an even and proper distribution. Worked like magic I must say! Now all I needed was a fancy place to dine with my girls and pry about my newly transformed hair!

Go get your scalp rejuvenated at the Kerastase salon near you!

What I’m Wearing: Forever 21 Pants, Bershka Top, Zara Shoes & Miu Miu Sunglases


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4 Responses
  • Ritu Shah
    March 26, 2017

    Where can we get thid treatment done?

  • Vandana
    March 28, 2017

    Love your wide leg slit pants. From where did you get that?

  • Neha
    March 29, 2017

    What are the charges for the entire process?

  • Minal Mehta
    August 31, 2017

    Could please tell where we can get best Kerastase services in india?

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