My Must-Have Accessories For Fall

My number one transition hack for seasonal fashion is accessories. They are the easiest pieces in your wardrobe to use when you’re looking to transition into a different weather zone whether its seasonal or even just for travel purposes. My closet is currently overflowing with summer separates and before I gather the energy (and the bank balance) to hoard up on sweaters, knits and layers, I decided to invest in a few accessories that would do the job for me so much quicker.

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What’s Couture?

The more I interact with international designers and get accustomed to shopping in high street labels in Europe, the more I understand the importance of couture, and more so the value it holds. I’m addicted to every little aspect of fashion and I consider myself so lucky to be attached to a country where ‘couture’ is so accessible. It makes me wonder how much I’ve taken this term for granted my entire life.


There have been numerous times that I’ve been asked what my favourite trend is and much to the interrogators belief, I haven’t given the most fluid answers. As much as I love being alerted about trends, and blogging about them, I don’t tend to use them practically at all in my outfits or fashion. I find them limiting. I rather look at fashion without boundaries, without putting a term to it at times, and just let it come to me in the most natural form possible.

Managing My Wardrobe Out Of A Suitcase

I’m currently living out of a suitcase. Or rather suitcases. (I’ll be explaining why in the next blog) And as you can imagine, it’s been super hectic managing my wardrobe. Especially on shoot days!
I’ve also been travelling between different weather conditions which makes the process that much more difficult. Sometimes I put together an outfit and walk out to kickstart my day to only later realize that I had boyfriend jeans tucked away in one of my suitcases that would have matched so much better with my lace bardot top. On shoot days, I found myself so restricted, especially in terms of bags, shoes & accessories and I just couldn’t do justice to the outfit without the right finishing touches.