Your Search For A Fun, Quirky Wedding E-vite Ends Here

Almost 4 years ago, on our 1 year dating anniversary, Shailin gifted me the most beautiful gift I have ever received. It was an illustrated scrapbook on my journey, and our love story. No exaggerations, I was literally moved to tears.

Sahiba from ‘Kalakaari Haath’ had made the book. When I decided I wanted to do e-vites for the virtual wedding, I immediately knew, there would be no one better than her to design them. Life was coming back in a full circle.

Why I’m Not Afraid Of Color In My Outfits & 5 Ways To Break This Stigma

My girlfriends like to call me ‘Rainbow’. No, like seriously, I’m not even kidding about this one.

I was on the brink of irritation with that joke but inside my fashion girl heart, I truly enjoyed it. I knew, and know, that having a colorful style is a rather difficult task to accomplish, and many would rather have it this way than the other.

Okay, not imposing opinions here, but on a personal note, wearing bright, saturated clothes makes me happy and lifts my mood up. This post is for all those of you who think, they just can’t ‘pull off these colors’ but still would really like to. It’s not that hard girls, trust me. These 5 tips should do the trick in a jiffy.

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Mermaid Series, Edition 1

I’ve been in the deep end of life these days. Creating these photos made me realise so many easily forgotten memoirs. To take risks, to dive into the unknown, to push limits, but to always, always make the most of ‘now’.

I’ve been intrigued by mermaids for as long as I can remember, and the idea of recreating my fantasy character through my fashion couldn’t have been more exciting. I shot this series with the incredible Sachin Khira, an underwater photographer, who’s passion for H2O encouraged me to push my creative limits further. {Check out his Instagram here, he takes up all kinds of underwater shoots} It was extremely uncomfortable at first, but with each passing second beneath the surface, I set into comfort.

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Beating That Hair Fall

In an image conscious world of fashion & beauty blogging with reviews or features about that latest lipstick thats causing an impactful stir or a perfume that makes you smell divine but could cost you a car, it’s easy to get caught up in a somewhat superficial world. For me(and I’m sure of you as well), sometimes blogging feels like I’m the girl who accidentally wandered backstage at a Victoria’s Secret fashion show of leggy, clear skinned beauty’s with manes of lustrous hair who don’t require the power of an Instagram filter. Lets get straight – I need that filter. Which is why sometimes it can be quite daunting to point out your flaws on such a public forum and discuss your hang ups or “body issue” struggles so personally.

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Life Update. Am I Moving, Am I Not?

I was having a crappy day and next thing I knew, I put up a story talking about it on my Instagram. Not something I do often, or ever. Few hours later when I checked my direct messages on Instagram, I was swamped with texts from you guys. Some consoling, some heartwarming, and some resonating with the exact same crappy feeling. This made me realise that I’m always talking about/sharing my victories with you all but sometimes, maybe talking about my struggles as losses could help even one of you in some way. That – and all the questions I’ve been receiving on where Shailin is and why we aren’t together right now. You guys deserved an answer.

This is the current situation. Shailin works/lives in Belgium and here is what we had decided – I would come to Belgium right after our honeymoon (in March), settle my things and myself in my new part-home and then begin a journey of shuffling between India & Belgium so I could handle work and still get to be with my husband.
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