Upgrading My Shoe Closet

My weakness for shoes knows no boundaries and every single time I find myself investing in new shapes and styles. You have got to agree with me that these white mules are pure perfection. I got mine from Shopbop and thanks to their lightning speed shipping time, found them at my doorstep just in time for the weekend. Now I’m just having a hard time getting them off my feet.

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Step 1 Of Bringing Your Dream Room To Life

You all know I recently got married and the first step before or after the wedding is usually setting up your house/room. A few weeks into this journey and I was quick to realise that naturally, a lot of girls in this phase of life will be on the same page, so why not share a few of my ideas, inspirations and tips.

Shailin & I live with his parents while we are in Belgium so I (thankfully) didn’t have to set up a house, but only my room. First step was naturally, PINTEREST!!!!! But lets be honest, planning your home on Pinterest is like shopping from a wholesale Chinese website.

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Fashion Gizmo Alert

I’ve recently begun to invest in equipment that helps me better my content; and more importantly, the quality of it! When I got to review the new ASUS ZENFONE 4 Selfie Pro, I was obviously super excited thanks to its eponymous strength. Selfies are second nature to practically every millennial, but in my industry, I parter with brands to create sponsored, promotional content and quite often, the project demands taking selfies. Whether its for the marketing of that incredible highlighter, to show off my DIY curls with a newly launched hair curling technology or then a piece of personalised jewelry I’m currently coveting.

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Marriage, Moving countries & Other Things

How are you liking Belgium? I get this question atleast once a day, and if its a busy day, sometimes three times too.

When Shailin & I got engaged, we didn’t know where we would be living. It would be a mutual decision, but I was aware since years of dating Shailin that his work might command him to live majority of the year in Belgium, and since my work was not bound to geographical limits, it was definitely an option. Although, inside my heart, I hoped we would cohesively settle on India. I had an awesome work set up, physically and strategically, that I was extremely happy with, my entire family lived there, I saw my dad and my brother every day at work (we shared a space) and I had a small set of the most wonderful friends a girl could ask for. Moms hugs were a mere 15 minutes from where I would be living too. 

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My Favorite Photo Spots/Locations In Paris

I’ve been lucky enough to visit the city of lights, Paris, rather frequently in the last few months. It’s no surprise that Paris is Instagram-heaven for a content-hungry blogger like me but it can be rather intimidating if it’s your first time there – simply because there are just so many locations to pick from. Every corner is practically breathtaking, and yet you need that perfect location to get you an authentic Parisian feel.

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