ZARA Mumbai Store Opening + 6 Outfits TRY ON

Put together this video while previewing ZARA’ s flagship store that opened in Mumbai a few weeks ago. Its a 5-storied, 51,300 sq ft store in a heritage building in South Mumbai, the largest in India, and I couldn’t wait to explore the home of one of my favorite high street brands.
I felt SO amazing to be the first one to be previewing the store before any of the media walked in and having the opportunity to shoot this video specially for you guys. Ahhhh! Always dreamed of working with a brand like Zara in my early days and it was so incredible to watch this dream come alive right in front of my eyes.

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Everything You Need To Know Before Buying Your First Diamond X NIRAV MODI

Shailin would always ask me, ‘MM, what diamond shape would you want on your engagement ring?’ followed up with made-up stories of how it’s not like he was asking for himself, and just how general it was, and ofcourse we weren’t even close to getting engaged yet. As if, he was asking me which movie I wanted to watch tonight.

The first time he asked me this question, I went online and literally googled ‘Shapes of diamond rings’. I come from a family of jewellers so I was pretty accustomed to the terms of this trade but still – I had no idea about the shape I wanted on my finger for a lifetime. Secretly I knew, Shailin, with his passion for diamonds, would always be the one deciding, but nevertheless, it didn’t hurt to know!

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8 Commandments To A STRESS-free Life

If you’re twenty-something and independent, you’ve HAD to have heard the remark – ‘What stress could someone your age possible have?’ What’s beyond comprehension is that everyone’s reasons for stress could be different, but they lead to pretty much the same consequences.

I’ve had stress and I can blindly say it’s a disease. One that’s completely in our control. One that tends to impact us mentally and physically. I’ve put down a list of things that I’ve inculcated into my daily routine to help me completely eliminate stress from my life. 

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Dresses That Speak

Reinventing the little white dress with Amit Aggarwal’s incredible bell sleeved, structured version. The kind of dress that makes you want to wish you had something this gorgeous to wear every single day.

I had the best time styling this dress my way, with a touch of nude feminity with caged heels and my eccentric Fendi miniature.

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