Haldi #Shailoom

Like every other wedding ritual, Haldi too, has an ancient, deep-rooted significance attached to it, and one that my family takes very seriously.
It’s custom to wear an old outfit for this ceremony and I chose my mum’s gota-patti saree, draped Gujarati style, to have smothered in Haldi and some unadulterated love.

Etching Our Fairytale On My Palms #Shailoom

This day will go down in history as one of the most favourite, most cherished days of my life. We started the day with a puja, continued into my Haldi function, after I which I sat to apply mehendi and finally, finished with our grand finale dance practice. Sitting tight for 5 hours in my heavily decorated home sweet home, surrounded by the closest people in my life, it was the perfect kickstart to our wedding functions.

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My Bohemian Mehendi Decor #Shailoom

I’ve got a weak spot in my bones for outdoor spaces and I desperately wanted atleast some of my wedding functions to be under the beams of daylight. Maybe it has something to do with my love for the ocean and watching sunsets, but my Mehendi venue was literally out of a fairytale for me. I fell in love the first time I saw it and I knew I had to make this space mine. I wanted the decor for this day to be a compilation of my favorite things with a blend of dreamy, mystical, bohemian elements and I found

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Ocean In My Lehenga #Shailoom

While planning my wedding outfits, I asked myself to describe what I wanted my ‘look’ to embody in one word and only then did I kick-off the detailed planning of each ensemble. My ‘one word’ for my Mehendi outfit was ‘Magnificent’.This was the hour that I wanted to look and wear the brightest, most striking outfit that would in some way, reflect the happiness I felt in my heart. Lucky for me, I had the most perfect designer to give me just what I wanted, in terms of grandness, volume and flamboyance. My outfit was customised for me by