I Cannot Wait To Be Your Bride #Shailoom


By the time 5th February arrived, I was quite honestly, exhausted. It had been an entire week of non-stop celebrations, partying, hair & makeup, hair & makeup removal (UGH), dancing my heart out and just having the best time I could have only imagined to experience.
I woke up just in time to start getting dressed for what would be pretty much one of the most important days of my life. Nbd. Unfortunately, I also woke up with a fever and a quaking body ache. My first reaction was panic but after a couple of Vitamin C shots, an urgent visit from the doc, a painful injection and a couple of warm hugs, I was good to go. My heart was ready. My body had no choice but to agree.

Coming to my FAVORITE BIT. My bridal lehenga. I visited Calcutta to have it customized from Anamika Khanna and narrated my precise vision to her, with the free will of letting her add her wizardry aesthetic to it. I wanted an Ivory base, a pastel palette, two dupattas, embroidery that would not over-weigh my frame and hints of a muted pink. I was sure about one thing – my wedding day was a milestone to me, a day I wanted to look like myself and not have my outfit, jewellery or makeup take that away from me.
Honestly, customising a bridal lehenga from scratch is a rather dangerous thing to do if you’re not confident about what you want. For me, I had already visually perceived precisely what I wanted and I trusted Anamika to do an incredible job with it so this is the route I chose. And oh boy, I was ELATED when it arrived. Once again, a memory, a moment, that will be of insane happiness in my heart.

Now to the emotions. I frankly didn’t feel the jitters. Maybe it was the week-long build up to this day or just the fact that I genuinely was super excited to marry Shailin. I was in love and I had the sheer luck of spending the rest of my life while my family and friends ecstatically watched. I couldn’t possibly ask for a more beautiful beginning.

Photography: WeddingNama
Outfit: Anamika Khanna
Jewellery: Lion Jewellers
Shoes: Gucci
Makeup: Mickey Contractor
















7 Responses
  • Shafaqueparween
    February 20, 2017

    I m in love with your lehnga ?

  • Latha parmar
    February 20, 2017

    *Speechless *
    You and your outfit (lehenga) STUNNING???? YOU LOOK GORGEOUS. I just love the picture of you twirling in lehenga with two dupattas omg the MOST FAVOURITE picture ?

  • sejal
    February 20, 2017

    Osum pics di

  • Apoorva
    February 20, 2017

    Where were your wedding shoes from?

  • Megs
    February 20, 2017

    You looked gorgeous at all your functions. I really loved what u wore for your wedding day. I wanted something like that for my wedding. How much was that outfit for? And do the designer charge extra for consultancy?
    I hope u can help me out with this. Thanks

  • Zainab
    February 26, 2017

    Very true.. As a bride v always have mixed feelings.. The article is beautiful and very touchy.. U can really imagine urself in that place and feel the emotions flowing.. Btw where can I buy this bridal lehenga from?

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