How I Decided My Blog Aesthetic X 1989Co.


Not sure how many of you here have been with me since the very beginning, but as you might know, there have been a COUPLE of name changes when it came to my blog, and generally, me as a fashion entity.

So I started back in 2009 with just Style Fiesta and a coupe of years down the line when I launched my brand, I kinda, committed to keeping the name the same for my blog and my brand. Obviously, wrong move. Too many confused readers + customers later, I decided to let my brand keep my hard-earned followers on Style Fiesta and set out to find a recognisably similar, but separate handle for myself.

Currently, I’m at @MissStyleFiesta on Instagram with as my blog, and I love it. I hope you guys resonate with it because I plan on making it stay.

Couple of months ago, I decided it was high time my blog got a fresh look. A destination that would my reverberate my current ideals. Obviously, I needed somebody who would completely understand my palate to design my logo and overall branding of my blog. I stumbled upon Miloni’s work through social media and immediately knew she would get my aesthetic without me having to shell out my brain cells for it. In her earlier work, I already found traits of themes and fonts that were literally, so me.

Read here what Miloni from 1989Co. had to say about our collaboration!

“Once we met Masoom, upon hearing her brief, we were quite clear what the design aesthetic and sensibility was going to be.
Pretty in Pink” was the phrase/direction we kept in our minds while designing the logo. In our briefing session Masoom had mentioned her love for hearts too, which is why the same was incorporated. We worked on a few rounds of design options with a combination of serif and script fonts and then only script fonts. Options for confinement of the logo unit were given, however, not preferred. We wanted to make sure we created an identity that is easy, warm and inviting not only for Masoom but also her loyal fans.
Thus after revising and refining the design, a fluid, relatable and pretty logo identity is what we delivered.”
Miloni became a friend over the process, thanks to all the cups of tea we shared to bring my vision of a feminine, yet confident logo and branding strategy to life. Check out more of her work here 🙂
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  • Tushita Makhija
    April 17, 2017

    Perfect duo combined together and made work worth it! This is really great to know how you started with blogging and later support system like Miloni from 1898 Co was there to help and guide.
    Much love.

  • Deepak lahoriya
    April 24, 2017


  • Bhaswati Deb
    April 26, 2017

    I have just started to follow you for a month now. I am sure lot of people say the same, thanks to your amazing amazing wedding. Congratulations
    However, just a basic question though, I mean I understand that Traditionally faminine has been used as a quality for softness and all crap. But isn’t it high time we start using the term and confidence in alignment and not as contradictory elements.
    Looking forward to hear your thoughts on this matter. Thanks

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