Balancing A Work Life On The Go


Sometimes I miss the days when my schedule was aligned every single day. I had a real, tangible desk that I would wake up and drive to every morning, make my phone calls from, and finally at the end of the day, shut my laptop lid with the immense satisfaction of a fulfilled day.

But with growth, life and juggling businesses, comes major changes. With marriage came living between two countries, with being an influencer came travelling a couple of times a month, with managing two businesses came having to constantly rush between meetings, having a flexible schedule and working literally from every mode of transport I use. This life on the go naturally requires me to have the most efficient possible equipment, so I can get the maximum done, in possibly the most convenient way.

I recently introduced the ZenBook UX430 into my schedule and I’ve been rather happy about how its impacted my daily tasks. To begin with, its footprint is no more than the size of an A4 size paper and it weighs only 1.5kg. Basically, fits into 90% of my handbags so I save myself the liability of an extra carry on and I find that so helpful when I’m using public transport in Europe.

While deciding whether I should take the leap or not, I was frankly skeptical about the size of the laptop, because even though it would make life so much easier for me, one of my major everyday tasks involved viewing, editing and planning images and videos for my platform. So not only did I need a big screen, but I also needed a strong core. Much to my pleasure, this 13-inch ultrabook houses a 14-inch full HD display!!! (If you’re wondering how, its all thanks to the super slim bezel around its display) Plus super powerful parts too. It houses the fastest Intel Core i7 processor from the latest 7th generation performance series!

Now, onto reviewing my favorite part. I’ll let my photos below do all the talking about this point, but to sum it up – how INSANE is the metallic blue shimmery lid? It literally looks like glass, but its actually treated metal, hence so delicate looking but actually incredibly strong! Its also avilable in 3 other colors.

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  • Dell Support
    November 16, 2017

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  • Vel
    November 27, 2017

    Very nice looking cool and great lovely

  • Bulbul Gupta
    January 8, 2018

    As days are getting a bit heavy i really want you to help me out with some other rituals of yours besides the gratitude exercise and NYE ritual. I really need things to work out. Excess of patience and the thought of things not workings brings me down.

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