Your Guide To Buying Jewellery You Actually Might Use In Your Adult Life

I’m pretty sure we’ve all heard of the saying ‘every girl dreams of her wedding day since she is a little girl’. Most women know exactly what style of a lehenga they want, paired with which jewelry and where they want to go for their trousseau shopping trip, before they know who they want to marry!

Jewellery makes for a big part of our trousseau (AKA what we take from our parents house to our husbands house) and sometimes, in the sheer excitement of stocking up on one of the most expensive items on planet earth, we tend to make decisions. Consider me guilty. What we don’t quite spend time thinking about is what comes after the festivities have ended and real life has begun. But now that I’ve been living this ‘after bride life’ for one year, and I want to make sure you don’t make the same mistakes I did!

So here’s a guide to the jewelry staples I recommend to get you through adult life aka married life. Haha!

The best jewelry for… Formal, Black Tie Events

Whether I’m attending a fashion show for an emerging designer, a dinner with Shailin, or a party
hosted by one of my favorite brands, I need jewelry that has me looking put together for
whatever formal event is on my calendar.
The easiest way to ensure a grand entry at any such affair is by owning statement earrings in
every classic color! My favorites are the Platinum Lotus Earrings and the Gold Petal Earrings
from Shazé’s Enchanted Garden Collection. Having go-to silver and gold pairs makes it easy to
accessorize any outfit. The first pair is silver, making it perfect for an outfit in cool-tones, while
the second pair’s gold color compliments warm hues. Both of the earrings will automatically
elevate any cocktail dress and since they are made of cubic zirconia stones, you’ll look glam
without the worries that come with real diamonds.

The best jewelry for… Weddings & Traditional Functions

When they say your world doubles in size after you get married, they weren’t kidding! In
addition to functions for my own friends and family, I have a whole new social circle with
Shailin’s family. Lucky for me, I loved dressing up in ethnic wear and attending weddings, pujas,
birthdays or whatever else is written on the invitation.
For these events, I put my statement earrings back on, along with a stack of bracelets and rings.
This may sound like a lot, but if Indian clothing isn’t all about glitz and glimmer, I don’t know
what is! I love wearing the Studded Rose Gold Ring from Shazé. This one tiny piece adds a
whole new layer to an outfit. I then pick out a few more simpler rings and bracelets to pair with
it, keeping in mind which metal they are. Mixing and matching your metals looks fab, but only if
you have one main color as the central theme.

The best jewelry for… Casual, Everyday Wear

Even on the days when I have nothing planned except for meetings and marathon blog post
writing sessions, I want to look my best. And there’s no better way to do this than putting on
some great jewelry. I like to keep it simple with a few thin, stackable rings and stud earrings. I
keep these on my dresser so I put them on quickly before rushing out the door. My favorite pair right now are the Glittering Rounded Earrings, also from Shazé’s Enchanted Garden Collection.
They’re big enough to add sparkle to just a cozy sweater and jeans, but not so flashy that they’ll
blind my fellow passengers on the Antwerp tram!
I hope this post has helped you to make the most out of your jewelry collection. What do you
like to wear for different events? Let me know in the comments below!

What I’m Wearing – My dress is from a small boutique in Antwerp and all my jewelry is from

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