Step 1 Of Bringing Your Dream Room To Life


You all know I recently got married and the first step before or after the wedding is usually setting up your house/room. A few weeks into this journey and I was quick to realise that naturally, a lot of girls in this phase of life will be on the same page, so why not share a few of my ideas, inspirations and tips.

Shailin & I live with his parents while we are in Belgium so I (thankfully) didn’t have to set up a house, but only my room. First step was naturally, PINTEREST!!!!! But lets be honest, planning your home on Pinterest is like shopping from a wholesale Chinese website. You intended to buy a dress, but you received a crop top that would probably only fit your dog. But I’m not one to give up easily, so I still went ahead and created a board of all my ideas that I hoped and wished and prayed to bring to life. It’s an extremely long process, and a lot of my unrealistic dreams have already been shattered but I’ve decided to focus more on the details to design a room that will fit my aesthetics.

One decision I made (a tough one though), but one that I think should be the very first one you close on, is deciding your color palette. It doesn’t seem like an integral part of the process, but trust me it is, and the earlier you make up your mind about this, the closer you’ll be to creating something you love.

So how do you pick a color palette for your room/home. Thankfully, it was a lot easier than I thought. Like I mentioned earlier, one of the first steps is Pinterest. And if not Pinterest, then Google, or Houz, or whatever inspiration platform or app you prefer. In short – RESEARCH. Go through all of these images and look for the common factor in the details. I kept pinning images with velvet sofas in hues of emerald green but that doesn’t make emerald green my color palette. It’s more about the details, and the ubiquitous hue in not just one accessory, but in all the accessories, which will be your color palette. It didn’t take me long to realize mine was Gold. After making up my mind about this, my life felt a lot easier in this department. If I loved a little candle holder while I was out running errands and it was there in a whole range of colors, I would ideally get attracted to brighter hues (because that’s me, I love color!), but now I knew exactly which color I needed to invest in, and that buying that specific color would bring me closer to my dream room.

Do you guys have any specific topics you’ll would like me to talk about in the Interior/Decor area? Let me know in the comments below!

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    November 10, 2017

    Nice post, things explained in details. Thank You.

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