Glittering Dreams In Paris

This will go down as one of my dreamiest shoots ever. Naturally when you’ve got La Tour Eiffel as your backdrop thats meant to happen, but more than anything it was the state of mind I was in. My trip to Paris started off as an absolute mayhem (you’ll know why on my youtube channel soon) and then just as easily, it transformed into one of the best trips ever. I genuinely felt so lucky and grateful to be there every minute that I was and I made every attempt to make the most of it – right from attending as many events as I possibly could, to shooting with Parisian photographers, to going that extra mile to create content.

One of the shows I attended (and loved) was Zara Umrigar’s. We share the same roots so that made this collaboration that much more special. The entire collection was inspired by our planet Earth, with specific impact on the integral parts of it that are slowly detoriating and I couldn’t have imagined a better canvas to chronicle the beauty of our natural wonders. I decided to take my favorite look from the collection out to play – an intricately embroidered emerald gown representing the Amazon and the forests that are dying due to human activity. Make sure to check out her entire collection here!

What I’m Wearing: Zara Umrigar gown,¬†Gissa Bicalho earrings

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  • Aarti Pathak
    January 27, 2018

    Amazing!! This photos want me to have my next shoot at paris now!! Loved it! Thanx for sharing!!

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