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Almost 4 years ago, on our 1 year dating anniversary, Shailin gifted me the most beautiful gift I have ever received. It was an illustrated scrapbook on my journey, and our love story. No exaggerations, I was literally moved to tears.

Sahiba from ‘Kalakaari Haath’ had made the book. When I decided I wanted to do e-vites for the virtual wedding, I immediately knew, there would be no one better than her to design them. Life was coming back in a full circle.

I’m an absolute design fanatic and the slightest hint of great design aesthetic has me gleaming. Kalakaari Haath’s work has constantly had that effect on me and it was so exciting working on a project together. Genuinely a break from the stereotypical work you see out there, and so blatantly authentic.

The Process

I always find it intriguing to learn about the process of why a certain piece of creativity found its way together and what the story was behind it. I got Sahiba from Kalakaari Haath to elaborate on how we worked together, to bring alive these quirky invites filled with little elements of Shailoom.

{The following excerpt has been written by Sahiba}

Each invite was detailed out after understanding the overall aesthetic of the decor, vibe of the event, bride and grooms outfits. Given the social media interface and it being a virtual wedding, we thought it would be important for people to be able to draw parallels to the actual event, to be able to make the connect. People make associations with colour. This was crucial. We tried to stick to individual colour identities for each day, each function.

1. Holi :
Holi as a festival is full of fun, colour and energy. We tried to break away from the traditional static image invite by using the medium of a GIF.

GIFS gave us scope to convey the movement, excitement and energy of the event. 

2. Mehendi:

When I sat down with Masoom, she elaborated in detail every part of every event. The mehendi function was set by the sea, with dream catchers to community tables to everything boho. We used these elements to compose the invite. The colours were pastel, very different from your traditional mehendi function.

3. Sangeet:

Crystal chandeliers, deep blue hues and a lot of royal dazzle. We tried to replicate a starry sky filled with synergy and magic.

4. Wedding:
The ceremony of wedding is very traditional. I remember Masoom talking about how she wanted this day to be about the customs, traditions of our culture. The decor was imagined with elaborate red drapes and an overall Mughal aesthetic. Nothing says a wedding day like the colour red.

5. The book:

We’ve got history! A couple of years ago, Shailin got in touch with us to put together a compilation of Masoom and his relationship when they completed 3 years together.

To be able to come back and be a part of the creative process of their wedding, completed our association in a full circle.

Masoom loves her followers, to be able to engage such a large audience and share every personal moment of the wedding experience with them takes some real effort and love.

We just tried to create invites that could convey these moments and gestures.

02_intro_instagram 05_sangeet_instagram-1 wedding_instagram 04_mehendi_instagram
01_book 03_holi_instagram
Make sure to check out more of Kalakaari Haath’s work on their website here and Instagram here! 🙂
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  • kiara
    July 26, 2017

    Hey masoom.

    can you share the exact details of the courses you pursued while in london?

    The courses, time duration, qualification required and all the other details


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