Why I’m Not Afraid Of Color In My Outfits & 5 Ways To Break This Stigma

My girlfriends like to call me ‘Rainbow’. No, like seriously, I’m not even kidding about this one.

I was on the brink of irritation with that joke but inside my fashion girl heart, I truly enjoyed it. I knew, and know, that having a colorful style is a rather difficult task to accomplish, and many would rather have it this way than the other.

Okay, not imposing opinions here, but on a personal note, wearing bright, saturated clothes makes me happy and lifts my mood up. This post is for all those of you who think, they just can’t ‘pull off these colors’ but still would really like to. It’s not that hard girls, trust me. These 5 tips should do the trick in a jiffy.

  1. Start Small. While wearing this fuschia dress with ruffles (below) is the mountain, it’s a lot easier to start by building a molehill. Begin your journey by incorporating colors in miniature amounts in your style. It could be shoes, a bag or even a statement necklace.
  2. Understand which colors work for you and which don’t. I know Pink, Black and deeper colors like Burgundy & Emerald Green work for me. How? I always pick up compliments while wearing these colors, I photograph better in them and overall feel more confident.
  3. Make your bright colors work by toning them down with any kind of denim. Denim in all its shades works as an instant balancer!
  4. Bring out your nudes! Nude separates, nude shoes, blend in beautifully with brighter hues.
  5. The easiest way to really dare to experiment with color but still be on the safe side is wearing a set of the same color. It could be a pallazo and crop top, a pant-suit, pretty much anything, as long as it matches, you’re good to go.

{Wearing Aanchal Rohra dress, Valentino rockstud pointed flats, Nirav Modi earrings}

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