Holi Party! #Shailoom

We kicked off our wedding with a Holi Party on 29th January, Sunday.

I claim it was my idea and Shailin claims it was his idea (Typical). No evidence of the truth but I ain’t gonna stop insisting it was mine.
To sum it up, we always wanted to do something insane, something crazy that would celebrate US without any inhibitions. A party that would in some way, let our wedding represent some of the craziness that we, as people were synonymous to. We both have been attending back-to-back weddings this past year and know/feel the pain of dressing up in heels and slick updo’s. We wanted to do something that would allow our guests to let their hair down & at the same time drive their spirits crazy.

Then came in our love for Holi. Here was this absolutely incredible Indian festival that 80% of our friends and family nearly never participated in. We ruled out all their valid reasons for ditching this colorful festival and decided to let them experience it the Shailoom way – 100% organic colors, no water wastage and carnival themed food.

I was keen on stark, bright, loud decor with elements that would be distinguished from an ubiquitous colorful mehendi set up.

I don’t know about other brides but I can easily say I had the best time of my life that afternoon. With the rang playing aid in helping me not give a damn about my look or hair or outfit, I slipped into flats within the first fifteen minutes and didn’t stop dancing until the sun went down on our first function.

Inside Access

Venue: By The Pier, Radio Club, Decor: Altair, Event Planning: Obeluse Events, Fireworks & Props: Morani Fireworks, Smoke Bombs: Crawford Market, Cylinders: JhilMil Colors

Photography: WeddingNama

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