My Platinum Moment

My 5-year-old journey with Shailin has been etched with the most exhilarating and the fuzziest feelings my heart has ever felt. When I close my eyes, and think of our journey together, a black and white movie reel in fast forward motion flashes before my eyes, embodying all of our most integral moments. Good or bad, the moments that make us, us.

Where do I begin? Right from our first random text, to our late-night phone calls, the painfully awkward Skype sessions or the most thought-through proposal, it’s been a journey more wonderful than I could have hoped for. So many times, that I wanted to pause time and live just a little longer in that indescribable moment.

While rummaging through my memories I couldn’t help but be drawn to an extremely recent one and its exceptional impact on our journey as lovers. Our ‘Kankotri Lakhvanu’ – a Gujarati tradition that declares the wedding as ‘confirmed’ and marks the beginning of the auspicious distribution of wedding invites. It was our first ‘official’ function of the wedding. All of Shailin’s family members were present from afternoon, kickstarting the rituals, while I arrived with my family only much later. I walked in, faintly shying behind my brother’s shoulders in my scintillating fuschia pink polka-dotted anarkali, barely managing to ensure that the color of my cheeks doesn’t replicate that of my outfit. Shailin had flown down especially for this event from Belgium and I couldn’t wait to settle down onto a couch and just see the wedding card with him. But of course, this would have to wait (along with the ‘I haven’t seen you in two weeks’ embrace that couldn’t possibly be accomplished there and then).

After all the formalities and shameless gorging on oily gujarati appetisers, we finally managed to sneak away with the excuse of taking some photographs. Hashtag blogger life. We plonked on my new sofa in my new to-be room and opened the card that held the details of what would be the best 5 days of our lives. We read what lay right above our grandparents’ names and looked at each other with only thought in our heads. We had arrived. This was our day of love, in that moment we knew it needed to be cherished and immortalised.

Here’s what it said:

‘Our hearts have crossed oceans to find each other, now we tie the knot to blend our cultures’

Moments like these need to be marked, celebrated and…it’s the kind of moment you want to remember every day. That’s when I decided it would have to be remembered with platinum – we look forward to sharing a set of platinum love bands – true and everlasting – just like our love. As our love grows, the band will be a reminder of the journey we’ve been on- one dotted with platinum moments that make us who we are as a couple <3

Jewellery Courtesy: ORRA Jewellers

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