Brush Edit. My Top 5 Fave Brushes To Own Yo Makeup

Rewind to a couple of years ago, in my initial years of my blogging, when I perpetually wore sunglasses to hide the fact that I wasn’t wearing any makeup! Not quite sure whether my transition into being an absolute beauty junkie occurred with age or when the freebies started coming in but I have to admit, as of today, I’m officially a makeup addict. I wouldn’t say I’m an expert yet but almost 90% of the makeup you see on my blog has been done by me and I make it a point to innovate with each look to get better everyday. I’ve been learning one step at a time and I feel like that’s the only you can go with it!

Slowly but steadily – I realised how crucial and instrumental makeup brushes can be to your makeup regime. I decided to put together this compilation for you thanks to all the trouble I went through in the early days.
Options for brushes are absolutely endless. Which could only mean one thing – never knowing which ones to pick! I’ve been experimenting with different brushes since years until I finally found my most precious essentials. I personally am a huge fan of drugstore makeup but when it comes to brushes, I haven’t had the best experience with bristles falling apart and the likes. You might need to splurge the slightest in this category but the best part is you certainly don’t need to own a million different options – even a few tools can work as multi-purpose servers.
1. The ones for the Base – Foundation Brushes
Setting a good base is something you need to master. It sets the tone for the whole look and needs to be blended to utmost perfection, to make way for the contouring, blushing and highlighting part. Brushes that are used for this part are generally very dense as it makes it a lot easier to blend the foundation. I used the stippling method to apply my foundation and I feel like it suits me the best.
M.A.C Stippling Brush in No. 187
Real Techniques Expert Face Brush
Bobbi Brown Face Brush
Ultimate Pick
M.A.C Stippling Brush in No. 187.
1_indian-beauty-blogger_make-up-brushes_tips_masoom 2_beauty-blog_tips_ideas_pinterest_masoom


2. The ones for the Dark Circles – Concealer Brushes/Blenders
Like almost every other Indian girl – I have a never-ending battle with my dark circles and the one instrument I swear by to make them better is the beauty blender. Loads of beauty gurus use it for their foundation as well but I personally am addicted to using the pointed end for my concealer. I just dab it directly into my corrector/concealer and then dab lightly, repeatedly, over my problem areas.
Ultimate Pick
Beauty Blender
Multipurpose Trick
Use as a foundation applicator
Use to blend in highlighter
Use to reduce pigmentation of blush with the rounded side


3. The ones for the Eyes – Concealer Brushes/Blenders
Eyes are the trickiest. Trust me on this! If you’ve ever tried to use those little applicators that come in your eye shadow case, you probably already know they’re useless. I like denser brushes that hold more product as compared to looser ones that drop powder/particles on my eyes and under-eyes and call for a painful cleaning session.
Remember: Pick an eyeshadow brush depending on the size of your eyes. You don’t want a XL bristles hovering around your tiny eyelids.
Bobbi Brown Eye Shadow Brush
Bobbi Brown Angled Eye Shadow Brush
M.A.C 217 Expert Blending Brush
Sephora Eye Shadow Brush

Ultimate Pick
M.A.C 217 Expert Blending Brush
Sephora Eye Shadow Brush
I use the Sephora eyeshadow brush to pack on colour on my lids and then blend it out with the M.A.C 217 brush.
Multipurpose Trick
If you opt for a slightly larger bristles, you can always double up your eyeshadow brush to apply highlighter beautifully on your cheekbones
4_wake-up-and-make-up_eyeshadow_beauty-tips_miss-style-fiesta 5_makeup-ideas_brushes_fashion-blogger_masoom 6_makeup-brushes_beauty-blogger_makeup-junkie_masoom


4. The ones for the Contour – Bronzer Brush
Love love love to work ‘em cheekbones! The best way to get those chiselled cuts is to use a brush that’s angled. I haven’t been able to get my hands on one yet but been making ends meet with a blush brush to contour.
Real Techniques Blush Brush
Real Techniques Buffer Brush


5. The ones for the Cheeks – Blush Brushes

 Blush brings the whole look together in an instance. Key is to be super light handed during application because let’s face it, we really don’t want to be walking around with two pink patches on our cheeks.

Bobbi Brown Blush Brush
M.A.C 129

Ultimate Pick
M.A.C 129

6. The ones for the Cheekbones – Highlighter Brushes

Highlighter – because I love the glow! Being a blogger, it is very very important to accentuate the high points of my face for that insane glow in photos by highlighting your cheek bones and cupids
8_makeup-trends_blush-brush_lifestyle-blogger_masoom 9_makeup-on-the-go_makeup-hacks_beauty-blogger_masoom

Ultimate Pick

Vega Fan Brush/My fingers


6. The ones to add Finishing Touches – Powder Brushes
Kabuuuuuki! The most adorable brushes man made 🙂
Big fluffy kabuki brushes work wonders for powdering your face and helping your long labour of makeup stay put. PS Love how soft they are!
M.A.C Kabuki Brush
Estee Lauder Powder Foundation Brush

Ultimate Pick
M.A.C Kabuki Brush
11_mac-brushes_makeup_beauty-blogger_masoom 12_makeup-trends_beauty-hacks_tips_pinterest_masoom 13_masoom-minawala_beauty-blogger_indian-blogger_makeup-brushes
Quick white jumpsuit look to say goodbye! I hope you enjoyed this post & found it useful! Love you guys! Xx
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