Vanity Cask

My first ever beauty subscription box came in the mail a week ago and I couldn’t be more excited to unwrap its contents. The Vanity Cask box is a compilation of luxury beauty samples specially curated by beauty experts to meet your beauty requirements. Sounds familiar? I’m sure it does since it’s not exactly a neophyte concept with beauty maestros across the world putting it together since quite some time now. But what sets this particular one apart is the fact that it has been carefully concocted for the Indian consumer.

Brush Edit. My Top 5 Fave Brushes To Own Yo Makeup

Rewind to a couple of years ago, in my initial years of my blogging, when I perpetually wore sunglasses to hide the fact that I wasn’t wearing any makeup! Not quite sure whether my transition into being an absolute beauty junkie occurred with age or when the freebies started coming in but I have to admit, as of today, I’m officially a makeup addict. I wouldn’t say I’m an expert yet but almost 90% of the makeup you see on my blog has been done by me and I make it a point to innovate with each look to get better everyday. I’ve been learning one step at a time and I feel like that’s the only you can go with it!

It’s All About The Base

Been testing out the new dedicated scalp care range under Biolage Advanced by Matrix – Scalppure, these past few weeks, and here’s what I think of it!

3 Months To Go… #Shailoom

Literally cannot believe there are only 3 months to till MY WEDDING. I can undoubtedly say, this past year has been the most challenging, most exciting year in my life. I am thrilled at the thought of waking up to the love of my life every day but to be entirely honest, the thought of not waking up to my parents, scares me cold. How, in this world, do I balance these two feelings?

Jabong’s Republic Of DENIM


Experts from a super fun shoot with Jabong for their Republic Of Denim campaign! I chose a cropped denim dungaree dress to go with my Nike Roshe kicks.