Silhouettes For The Perpetual Bridesmaid

If you’re not at a stage in life where all your friends are getting married – hang in there, you’ll be there before you blink. I’ve heard and seen this phase practically everywhere. On Facebook statuses, in coffee shops, hell in weddings too. Naturally, the biggest problem in every girls life turns out to be what to constantly wear at these occasions. One thing is having enough outfits, which you might all agree, is a completely independent battle, but a whole other battle is to really know what silhouettes to buy right now to look like you’ve got your ethnic game bang on point. Here are some of my favorite silhouettes that I make sure I’ll be well stocked in this wedding season. Hope you’re taking notes – you can shop these looks from Craftsvilla 🙂

By now we’ve all accomplished that key to the hottest street style looks is just one word. Layering. All we’ve got to do is copy-paste that formula into our ethnic wardrobe and watch the magic unfold. Jackets with lehengas, capes with sarees or
Crop-Skirt Sets
There’s something so easygoing about this combination that it’s perpetually the first option I turn to while packing for a destination wedding. No hassle to wear, keeps you feeling super light and either of the two can be easily switched with other outfits. Total win-win.
Dhoti’s are pretty 2015 now (even though I’m guilty of still wearing them) and trousers are most definitely reigning as the hottest silhouette of the year when it comes to ethnic wear. They’re super easy to wear, so comfortable, and instantly make your entire look a lot more formal.
Fusion is the answer of now! Gone are the days when we needed to overdress to look good at weddings. It’s the age of being comfortable, dressing up your look with accesories, experimenting, and the works. Gowns work brilliantly for sangeet’s and reception when you want to dance the night away and can’t be bothered with a hassling outfit.

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