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The Garnier Ultra Blends event was held on the 17th of last month in the ever so fabulous Asilo Bar at the St. Regis Hotel overlooking my breathtaking city. Unfortunately I was (still am) out of the country on work and holiday but I was given minute by minute details so I could share this exciting launch with you.
When we entered we were greeted with pretty flower crowns to compliment the natural theme of the event. We could also see the products laid out in the most unique way where they were placed with the actual ingredients from each variant. After giving us a presentation on the product and showing us the adverts, we were then guided to the palladium ground. There were full blown cut outs of the products with tons of them placed all around the ground.

There’s always something about these nature-inspired products that make me feel like the brand is genuinely going through great pains to protect my mane from even more damage than it’s already exposed to in an organic, rather than chemical way. Last month Garnier launched their Ultra Blends Shampoo and Conditioner range . The range is all about blending ingredients that when mixed together works magic on your hair. It makes your hair look so beautiful naturally and also helps you in dealing with any hair problems you might be dealing with. 
They have got 5 paraben-free variants in this range which is packaged in their iconic shape bottle that could let you spot a Garnier product from miles away.
Mythic Olive: This variant consists Olives which are known to provide nourishment while restoring your hair. It works for best for hair that is dry and undernourished.
Royal Jelly & Lavender: This one consists Royal Jelly & Lavender which rebuilds your breaking hair and also deals with hair fall.

Soy Milk & Almonds: Almonds have been the answer whenever a question regarding damaged hair arises. And we all know Soy Milk is one of the best sources of protein. This variant helps in injecting protein back to your dull and damaged hair.

5 Precious Herbs: We’ve all had those remedies where we put different herbs together to get the most benefit. This would help your scalp in getting its health back while revitalizing your lifeless hair. 
Henna & Blackberry: It’s all about providing shine with this variant. Blackberry is known to provide that glow and Henna is the key to all our hair related problems since generations. 
These products have already hit the stores so don’t forget to get your hands on it! Have you tried a variant yet? Which one made it to your favourites?
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