Samsung Gear S2 – Features I Love!

When I first started unravelling the Gear S2, I was pretty much overwhelmed with the number of features, apps, and even watch faces it had. I got around to getting used to the way it works (those typical 24 hours you obsess over your new gadget like itโ€™s a newborn angel in your life), and when I finally got a hang of it, but naturally, I had my mega list of features I LOVED the most. Listing them down here for you, so maybe I could cut those 24 hours a little shorter for you? 
Step Target
I have the constant urge to be more active in my daily life to achieve a more wholesome, healthier, happier approach to my 24/7 routine. After all – we girls have got to feel hot to look hot and kick ass, and there’s just one way to doing it – by being healthy from the inside. I set my GearS2 to vibrate to remind me when I’ve been sitting down for more than an hour so I can do my next con call walking around office rather than slumping in my chair. My daily step target is constantly reminding me to walk more and sometimes take the stairs instead of the lift to just achieve my goal for the day. 
That Bezel Movement
Can’t deny how fun (and smooth) this navigating feature is. You can switch between apps, change volume, amp up the brightness and cycle back to notifications. Gets better with every turn ๐Ÿ™‚
Water/Caffeine Tracker
The benefits of water are simply endless (and can be found on any Google infographic so letโ€™s not dwell on that bit) BUT yet somehow I just. do. not. manage to drink enough water. Don’t just read on, because I know you’re guilty of the same too. Well, except some rare species. So this super cool feature allows me to clock in the number of glasses I’m gulping down along with keeping track of my daily survival coffee shots so I can cut down on my caffeine and boost up my H2O.
Hope you enjoyed seeing photos of how I use my Gear S2! Especially kicked about it while working out too ๐Ÿ˜€
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