FIRST LOOK OF MY Samsung Gear S2!

Wearable gadgets have been a rage for some time now, and as soon as I saw the Samsung Gear S2 release in India, I knew it was time to get my hands on one of them. SO excited to see my spanking 
Samsung Gear S2 arrive at my doorstep, and I can’t help but be fascinated already. 
Here, I’m going to be taking you guys through my first impressions of my first ever wearable 🙂
So the Gear S2 arrived in a circular white box that looked just as sleek and chic as its much-awaited 
contents. I personally love black strap watches for daily looks so that’s the strap I picked, and I was 
very impressed with the finish and smooth fastening. I managed to set up the watch in a mere 5-10 
minute time frame by downloading the Samsung Gear app and even scraped in the syncing of some 
of my photos. Obsessive blogger alert! 
Next up was the array of pre-loaded dials and oh my, it was strenuous to choose between the 
luxurious pink and funkier mosaic one. Finally decided that I’ll just stick to changing it on a daily 
basis. Oh well, its fun! Can’t wait to try out the caffeine vs. water monitor, the calorie counter, the S Health feature, and so many other super cool features the Gear S2 comes pre-loaded with. I won’t deny that I’m getting kinda addicted to the rotating bezel, too!
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