Workaholics Anonymous

Makeup & Hair Courtesy : Bianca B
What I’m Wearing : Topshop jacket, Zara trousers, H&M shirt, Salvatore Ferragamo bag, Melorra jewellery

I’ve been a workaholic for as long as I can remember but in the last few months, its been more hectic than ever. From aggressive sales strategies for the last financial quarter at Style Fiesta, scavenging opportunities for Fashion Jobs India, meeting content deadlines for my blog to planning a pinterest-inspired wedding. The question inevitable arises – how do you dress for a day that might just throw anything at you? It could require shuffling between corporate meetings, sitting on expansion strategies or brainstorming coffee session with a wedding planner.
My personal style has always been casual and chic. So I tend to carry an extra blazer in my car that I can throw on to my outfit if an unexpected meeting conjures up.
But with my accessories, its always been rather taxing to change pieces everyday. While I do love my share of junk jewellery, my family-business background of diamonds does draw me towards my need for fine jewellery that is not of the ubiquitous traditional kind but genuinely trend-driven and stylish. Pieces that I don’t need to keep changing and fall in seamlessly between the casual and formal elements of my hustle-bustle day.
My struggle was easily resolved when I come across Melorra. I hopped onto their iOS app (also available for Android) and was immediately drawn to their Stylefeed feature. It seemed like a a style-guidance where Melorra jewellery was showcased with an editorial outlook, styled on outfits that could be worn to 3 occassions : Work, Party & Casual. Here was a collection of real jewellery, inspired by global fashion trends that I could invest in and yet, brought in a pinch of sophistication. Plus, their guidance made me feel like I was shopping from a magazine. Definitely looked like the answer to everyday accessorizing for any working woman like me. 
In this look, I’ve styled pieces from the ‘Casual’ stylefeed and smoothly synced them into my last-minute formal attire with the White Collar ring, Oak Leaf ring, Oak Leaf bracelet, Oak Leaf earrings, & Stylized Flora necklace. You can download the Melorra app on iOS and Android platforms here, along with taking a look at their website. 
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