Photos Courtesy: Tinkesh A Photography

I came
home last week to this absolutely gorgeous Yardley fragrance family of ‘English
Rose’ at my doorstep. The carefully decorated basket of an Eau De toilette, Talc, Body Spray & Soap was intercepted by my family long
before it made it to my room. After using these products for nothing more a
than week, I don’t blame them anymore for their obsession with anything Yardley.
The English Rose fragrance instantly transported
me back to my vintage English dreams. I was sitting cross-legged on my victorian
dresser, playing with my antique-finish brass draw-openers, recovering from a
life of romantic long walks in the english country-side. Yes, that’s the vibe
you’re expecting from this range. In terms of smell and ingredients, dry autumn
roses are centre stage, but the spices too are very prominent with a gorgeous
wood base. It seems quite strong when you first use it, but isn’t overpowering
at the same time. I wouldn’t say its too long lasting, but I think it doesn’t
really matter as the result is just simple, light and pretty from an overall
Think I’m
gonna have to fight the women in my house to let me keep at least half of these products 😀

To find
your English scent check out Yardley’s Fragrance Quiz here!
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