Brave women make a brave generation. 
We found real heroes on the streets of Mumbai, who proved that beauty has ceased to be a one dimensional word. That amazing group of women out there who’ve made the brave decision of picking to play the role of protectors as a choice of occupation. The Women Police Force. 
We, as Style Fiesta, decided to get down on the streets and hand out our Sunglasses to these local heroes for the long hours they spend in the scorching sunlight. We wanted to make a connection, through style and just the tiniest bit of empathy, all along instilling what our brand stands for – making fashion accessible to all. We wanted to help them look stylish in the simplest possible way, at the same time make them feel more confident in what they do and #MakeWomenGirlsAgain – even if it was for a mere 10 minutes. 
From being confused to being skeptical to being happy to being overjoyed, we loved the reactions we got from these women and here’s a small glimpse of how I, along with my team, spent our Republic Day. It was an obstacle getting them to be photographed but just being able to distribute over a 100 sunglasses, watching them smile the way they did above, was an experience I’ll always hold close to my heart. 
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