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The Reason 
I was invited over to the Kérastase Hair & Scalp Institute last week to give in my ‘hair confession’. After a couple of long guilty minutes of rummaging through the long list of unruly things we do to our hair, I finally confessed to two things. I don’t use a conditioner after my shampoo. And I tend to comb my hair when it’s wet.
Lets face it – we’re all guilty when it comes to our hair. We misuse it, mistreat it and don’t always give it the attention it needs. Some common worries we have are over-colouring, over-processing, blow drying without a heat protectant, not cutting our hair regularly and well, the list is pretty long. But now what? Now that the damage is done and we’ve reached the acceptance phase, how can we make it better from here on?
The Solution
Kerastase has recently launched the ‘Resistance Therapiste’ range, equipped with the power of an unique plant to give our damaged hair the hope of a ‘second life’. The possibility of complete renewal of damaged hair. A second chance to revive our hair, despite any treatment we might have done to it. 
The range consists of Bain Thérapiste, priced at INR 2200, Masque Thérapiste, priced at INR 3000 and Serum Thérapiste, priced at INR 2,000.
The Ingredient (My favorite part)
Myrothamnus Flabellifolia, a vascular climbing part that grows in the worlds most arid regions is a resurrection plant that has the unique ability to come back to life (by getting in touch with water) after undergoing a near death state. Now imagine the result of the exact same process when applied to our hair. Pretty magical right?

My Experience

There are two rituals in the range that you can indulge in, to give your hair a second life. The Keratherapy Ritual (75 minutes) is an exclusive heat activated protocol designed to compensate for the loss of keratin and reconstruct hair fibre and the Split End Sealing Ritual (20 minutes) is the 1st split ends sealing Ritual by Kérastase that instantly repairs the hair fibre & heals and seals damaged ends. 
I personally tried the Keratherapy Ritual at the Kérastase Hair & Scalp Institute and it was amazing. I took some quick photos after the treatment to show you guys how my hair looked (and feeled)! It felt super silky, exceptionally bouncy and most importantly – healthier.

You can get your hands on the Kérastase Résistance Thérapiste range at any one of their 200+ salons across India. Find the one nearest to you :
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