Matrix’s Biolage range has been one of my favorite hair care solutions since a long long time. Only with this re-launch, they are working with new formulas and but ofcourse, a more modernized look, focusing on understanding the biology of hair, offering targeted answers for every hair concern.
Matrix is introducing its ‘Biomatch Technology’ for the first time, an innovative formula approach backed by the secrets of nature. Each product in their range is formulated with particular botanical ingredients that are matched to address certain hair concerns. Some products are targeted towards smooth frizz free hair or maintaining colored hair or reducing hair breakage and so on. One of the hair concerns I personally face is that my hair tends to get very dry, very quickly. Almost the day after I wash my hair, my hair feels limp and withered at the ends and I have been looking for a solution for this for a while now. Naturally, I picked the Ultra HydraSource product packed with Aloe Vera – a moisture-rich plant, known to lock-in water, and deeply hydrate locks.
Along with the launch of their shampoo and conditioner, Matrix is also keeping immense on their collection of professional BIO-SPA & OIL-SPA treatments that use natural botanicals to address everyday hair concerns. These can be experienced at a Matrix salon near you:

You can know more about the new Biolage range and find #ThePerfectMatch for your hair here:

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