It’s been a crazy journey with my baby, Style Fiesta and I couldn’t be happier to announce that we’ve taken a deeper plunge into making my dream for making fashion more accessible in India, a larger, more tangible and concrete one. We raised our first round of funding two months ago and now that we’re almost wrapped up with the formalities, I couldn’t wait to share the news with all of you. 
From the time Style Fiesta was launched, I’ve been approached by a couple of investors. Some ginormous names and some smaller ones borne out of sheer interest in my field of work. Sometimes I wondered if I indeed wanted to accelerate at the speed of light or merely enjoy what I do at a pace that would be comfortable to most. A lot of professional friends and acquaintances I met with to discuss possibilities, drowned me in a pool of interrogation, followed by building an acute fear of the downsides, the level of interference and liabilities of bringing an outsider on the inside of what could be the most precious idea of my life. The kind of explicability they threw in my face, which I happened to first perceive as negativity, was in fact a blessing in disguise. In moments like these, an honest perception can really make a world of difference. Through these conversations, I learned the relevance of knowing your company’s numbers like the back of your hand, learning the foreign language of VC’s and pretending like you could speak it, the emphasis of staying true to the crux of your organisation and never giving up on it and playing your strengths harder than you believe them to be. 
Most importantly, I learned that raising a round of funding is all about YOU. Is it the right time for you and your company? Does your company really, essentially, require it? Whats the investor bringing to (your) table? Before implementing this decision, I had tons of sleepless nights and weeks of ambiguity and thats when I decided to make this decision from my heart first, and only then, with my mind. I asked myself how committed I was to making my business grow. What did I envision Style Fiesta to be in the next 3 years, 5 years or 10 years and did I have the resources to see it through? I promised myself to be patient until the perfect person would come around, somebody who would believe in Style Fiesta and trust me to be the reign-holder to soar it to heights that were currently, only a mere fragment of my imagination. Money was secondary, intentions were primary. 
 Today, I look at my investor as a guide, a mentor and most importantly, a stepping stone to making my daytime dreaming sessions come true. Just the way you guys believed in me from the very first day that I decided to launch my little .com and lugged me to this very moment, he believed in me to usher me through my targets and goals and carry me forward to my next milestone.
So here’s a gigantic thank you to you both, from the bottom of my heart. 
 (Sorry guys, but this one’s going to be an undisclosed amount) 
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