Indian Autumn

The festive season is knocking on all our doors (lets dive into a rant about how much we love Indian festivals) and when Flyrobe co-incidentally announced the launch of their festive collection/category in this bustling season, the news immediately felt heaven-sent. Primarily, because unlike almost all other traditional clothing portals, I liked 70% of the designs that were available for rent. Secondly, no more sweat-fests rummaging through suburbian exhibitions with my mom! Just a couple of clicks on the Flyrobe app (or their newly launched website), browsing through the likes of Shehla Khan, Surendri, and Samant Chauhan and picking a stunning outfit to wear to my Navratri party. All in the comfort of my cool, cozy room. 
I was immediately attracted to this Frontier Raas Orange Draped Cowl Kurta Set with emroidery thanks to its vibrant color that fit in just perfectly with this jubilant period. Additionally, the layered draping along with what looked like a peplum-cut blouse but was in fact a part of the kurta, made for a compelling silhoutte. One that made my wardrobe hadn’t seen yet 🙂 
As an additional service (included in the price you’re paying for renting the outfit), if your lehenga, or anarkali doesn’t fit you quite perfectly, Flyrobe will send over a Fit Expert to have it customized to your size. Sounds a lot like a fancy butler service to me..

LABEL by Ritu Kumar

My lifestyle, right from my long drawn working hours to my hectic weekends, is awfully contemporary. And yet, being the fast-moving, modern day woman that I represent, I perpetually yearn for our Indian culture ethos to emulate in my wardrobe palette.  
This video by Label by Ritu Kumar resonates precisely that; the dozen temperaments of a ‘today’ woman, and her fancies for a carefully crafted yet fashion-forward wardrobe. Dressed in Ritu Kumar’s signature embroideries, and vintage prints with a deep Indian resonation , the collection is scattered over a plethora of options of dresses, tunics, jumpsuits, shirts, tops, tees, pants and skirts. 


It’s been a crazy journey with my baby, Style Fiesta and I couldn’t be happier to announce that we’ve taken a deeper plunge into making my dream for making fashion more accessible in India, a larger, more tangible and concrete one. We raised our first round of funding two months ago and now that we’re almost wrapped up with the formalities, I couldn’t wait to share the news with all of you. 
From the time Style Fiesta was launched, I’ve been approached by a couple of investors. Some ginormous names and some smaller ones borne out of sheer interest in my field of work. Sometimes I wondered if I indeed wanted to accelerate at the speed of light or merely enjoy what I do at a pace that would be comfortable to most. A lot of professional friends and acquaintances I met with to discuss possibilities, drowned me in a pool of interrogation, followed by building an acute fear of the downsides, the level of interference and liabilities of bringing an outsider on the inside of what could be the most precious idea of my life. The kind of explicability they threw in my face, which I happened to first perceive as negativity, was in fact a blessing in disguise. In moments like these, an honest perception can really make a world of difference. Through these conversations, I learned the relevance of knowing your company’s numbers like the back of your hand, learning the foreign language of VC’s and pretending like you could speak it, the emphasis of staying true to the crux of your organisation and never giving up on it and playing your strengths harder than you believe them to be. 
Most importantly, I learned that raising a round of funding is all about YOU. Is it the right time for you and your company? Does your company really, essentially, require it? Whats the investor bringing to (your) table? Before implementing this decision, I had tons of sleepless nights and weeks of ambiguity and thats when I decided to make this decision from my heart first, and only then, with my mind. I asked myself how committed I was to making my business grow. What did I envision Style Fiesta to be in the next 3 years, 5 years or 10 years and did I have the resources to see it through? I promised myself to be patient until the perfect person would come around, somebody who would believe in Style Fiesta and trust me to be the reign-holder to soar it to heights that were currently, only a mere fragment of my imagination. Money was secondary, intentions were primary. 
 Today, I look at my investor as a guide, a mentor and most importantly, a stepping stone to making my daytime dreaming sessions come true. Just the way you guys believed in me from the very first day that I decided to launch my little .com and lugged me to this very moment, he believed in me to usher me through my targets and goals and carry me forward to my next milestone.
So here’s a gigantic thank you to you both, from the bottom of my heart. 
 (Sorry guys, but this one’s going to be an undisclosed amount) 


Featuring : KOOVS Jacket from FLYROBE (Rs 299)
Photography : Jaina Kumar
Makeup : Viraj Soni
My weekdays consist of crazy work hours, meetings, dance classes and yoga. On the weekends, I make it up to myself by keeping them jam-packed with dinners and crazy partying till the AM. One such weekend, a close friend decided to throw an impromptu party at his house and I found myself in a real jumble. Naturally, given my social schedule, it gets quite difficult to keep my wardrobe updated with clubbing wear without repeating at a frequency that I would like. I had four hours to go, needed to look like a million bucks, nothing new to wear, and repeating a swab from my closet seemed way too strenuous. I quickly logged onto Flyrobe (remember, I told you all about it here?), scrolled through their categories and found the most alluring white & gold jacket I’ve seen in a while. Couple of clicks later, I had rented this KOOVS beaded jacket for a whooping Rs 299, a #CELFIE clutch from River Island (Rs 250) and earrings from Aquamarine (Rs 99). Thankfully, I do have a knack of mixing my existing outfits around and creating a fairly fresh outfit every weekend (Hello LBD tucked into a skater skirt), and given that the jacket I chose made a major splash in the statement section with its delicate gold detailing and luxe finish, I could happily put it together with existing basics from my wardrobe. I chose a basic white crop top and suede skirt to allow my jacket to bathe in the limelight it deserved and voila, you can see the outcome! 
The doorbell rang exactly 3 hours from the time I logged out of the app after completing my order and literally, saved the night 🙂
As opposed as I was to the notion of renting fashion, I now think its a mighty cool alternative to buying, given that you now have the option of wearing a new outfit to wear anytime without having the fear of repeating. Think about how this completely transforms your dressing woes!


Photography : Jaina Kumar, Makeup : Viraj Soni
Featuring : Burberry Bucket Bag
What I’m Wearing : Zara top, Koovs skirt, Style Fiesta earrings & sunglasses

If you know me at all, you’d know that all my money is hanging in my bag closet. Handbags, really are my weakness and my guilt pangs basically turn off all sensors the moment I walk into those gorgeous glass doors. Naturally, the moment I set my eyes on this gorgeous tiered-fringe beauty with an ineluctable Burberry flair and yet, subtle branding, you could say I was floating in desperate wardrobe envy. The top handle and elongated structure threw in a breathe of fresh air to the existing structures in my handbag collection and I do develop a partiality for handbags that make you want to own them.

This bag was first spotted on the F/W ’15 Runway and it immediately created a noice on the crew with its range of luxe animal prints and natural suede’s. Since its been inspired from the bohemian spirit of the collection, I decided to style it with a mustard palette and turn up the fringe quotient with a complimentary suede skirt. I do believe it would make for a fabulous brunch companion.