I’ve always been an ardent admirer of TIGI’s powerful branding, raw voice, funky packaging and a product that makes you want to really push limits with your hair and dive into experimentation. With every experience I share with TIGI, there’s one predominant thought in my head – ‘There’s really so much more we can do with our hair.’

It only helps when they indulge me in amazing hair-do’s for my fashion week looks at the #BedHeadHairSpace, literally saving the day for super lazy me. (And for the street style photographers who happen to find my outfits worthwhile). Or that they deliver a heaven-sent goodie bag AKA the TIGI Survival Kit with everything needed to outlive this crazy week right from portable chargers, an essential pack of ice-breakers, sanitiser, a mini-perfume, redbull, their After Party Smoothing Cream, Superstar Thickening Spray & more.
During Fashion Week last season, the TIGI experts walked us through 5 effortless DIY hairstyles that will make you want to want to move on from ‘casually letting your hair down’. A faux bob, voluminous curls, a rope braid, a fishtail braid and sleek waves. Thanks to my super straight and soft hair ((I shouldn’t complain), which tends to get a bit lifeless at times, my favorite of the lot was the voluminous waves. I’m going to take you through the steps as told by the experts at the end of this post so you can get a little glimpse of what went down in the masterclass.
In other news, TIGI also launched Copyright Color with Andy Cheong, Regional Education Director, Pan-Asia,  which is a range of gorgeous hair colors that come in permanent as well as semi-permanent variants. Andy took us through the art of intermixing different colors (the range consists of a permanent, demi-permanent, high lift, pure mix tones, powder lighteners and activators), to create an infinite number of shades. So perfect for finding a hair color that is quintessentially you.

DIY Voluminous Curls with TIGI
· Shampoo your hair with TIGI’s Epic Volume Shampoo conditioner 
· Apply some Ego Boost as a leave in conditioner on the mids to ends to soften the frizz. 
· Then taking small sections about 2 square inches in size and start curling the hair keeping the curling iron horizontal. 
· You can spray Masterpiece on each section before you use the heated tools to help the curl to last longer
· Continue the process till the entire hair is sectioned away
· Now let it cool and open all the clips, use a brush to open up all the curls, take a dollop of Manipulator, spread it through your palms and start applying in onto the thickest parts of the hair and then using a scrunching action apply it all the way till the ends
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