Location Courtesy : Le Pain Quotidian, BKC 
Photos: Jaina Kumar; Makeup& Hair: Fatima Soomar
What I’m Wearing : Jabong dress, Stylefiesta.com earrings, bracelet & ring
My weekdays are usually spent juggling my two jobs as CEO of my e-commerce brand and as a fashion blogger. Both the roles are extremely diverse and that’s what keeps me super interested, but with all that excitement comes super super packed days. I usually wake up, have breakfast with my family and then head to work to the SF headquarters at Lower Parel in Mumbai. I spend a good 20 minutes in the morning deciding my outfit for the day and getting dolled up, depending on my schedule. I start off my work day with my diary and jot down my plans and goals for the day. From then on, its basically a manic pace right from getting briefs from respective departments, getting updates, replying to emails and occasionally stepping out for meetings, which means that I rarely get a chance to touch up my makeup. This hectic schedule which involved meeting tons of people has always kept me on the lookout for beauty products that last all day and keep my skin fresh and oil-free in humid Mumbai weather, and L’oreal Paris’ Mat Magique compact fits right in. 
The Mat Magique comes in an adorable packaging along with a white sponge for application. It provided me with light coverage which is ideal since I don’t wear foundation very often & the SPF was definitely an added bonus. For a heavier makeup routine, the compact worked as a great setting powder on top of my concealer/foundation. As expected, Mat Magique gave my skin a very smooth finish and kept it oil free for atleast 4-5 hours (in air-condition) without touchup, working perfectly for my day at work 🙂 


Location Courtesy : Le Pain Quotidian, BKC 
Photos: Jaina Kumar; Makeup& Hair: Fatima Soomar
What I’m Wearing : Boohoo dress, Adidas shoes, Stylefiesta.com bracelets
Featuring : Pantene #BestEver Shampoo & Conditioner
When it comes to haircare, I’m always switching between products to try and get the perfect fit for my ‘look’ of the moment. Be it an untamed style or a blow dry feel, I keep playing a trial and error game with my array of products.
But that tends to get tiring and I’ve been on the lookout for one reliable shampoo that not only makes my hair look amazing, but more importantly, makes it stronger and healthier on the inside and thats precisely what I stumbled upon after using Pantene’s #BestEver range for two weeks.
Whats different from every other new range of shampoos?
The best ever Pantene range is equipped with the revolutionary Pro-V formula technology which restores hair strength and shine from within. The formula with Keratin Damage Blockers and Histidine, goes deep inside the hair shaft – to the cellular level – to work on your hair with an all-rounded approach.
The texture of my hair is naturally straight, soft and super-silky. It tends to get oily easily and I need a hair-wash almost every other day. But when I tried the Total Damage Care shampoo & conditioner, my hair immediately felt super bouncy and thicker than before. When I repeatedly used it for two weeks (thrice a week), I felt my hair become drastically healthier and shinier. I usually don’t use conditioner because I prefer a ‘big hair’ look and conditioner tends to weigh my hair down but when I used the Pantene one, I immediately felt a positive difference and my ends were a lot smoother and better to look at! After my shampoo-conditioner routine, I had my hair out-curled and you can see the aftermath above – I was super happy with the results!

Have you tried this range yet? If you have, let me know your thoughts below and if you haven’t, I think you’ve got to buy it asap and do your hair a favor 🙂


Location Courtesy : Bar Stock Exchange, BSE
Photos : Jaina Kumar; Hair& Makeup : Fatima Soomar (9930611766)
What I’m Wearing : Customised #SayNoToFakes t-shirt, Zara skirt, Necessary Clothing shoes, Daniel Wellington watch, Stylefiesta.com bracelet & all (real) bags from ConfidentialCouture.com

I’ve been working closely with the two dynamic co-founders of Confidential Couture on a super interesting campaign ‘#SayNoToFakes’ and I can’t wait to spill out all the details.
#SayNoToFakes was borne out of the idea of bringing attention to the ignorance of Indians towards fake bags due to the low lying luxury industry in India. I see so many people carrying fake bags, buying counterfeits from fake websites and stand-off boutiques thinking they’re getting the real deal at a ‘discounted price’ when all they’re being handed is a first copy form an overcrowded China factory. I don’t blame them – given that only a few luxury brands have stumbled into our country yet,  and this lack of exposure is bound to have it fair share of ignorance, which is exactly where our #SayNoToFakes campaign steps in.

Confidential Couture is an e-commerce portal dealing in pre-owned luxury goods with their main focus being ‘Authenticity’. Aka, original bags only. For a product to get listed on the website, it must go through a step-by-step process of Authenticity, Product cleansing and Professional photography. Once this process is complete, the product is listed on the website along with detailed descriptions about the condition of the item.
Being pioneers in the pre-owned luxury industry in India they were mightily aware of this ‘fake bags’ phenomenon and we decided to join hands to bring awareness.

In the first ever series, I will be covering the 4 most ‘popular’ luxury brands in India and how you can identify a real bag from a fake one. Read on & #SayNoToFakes 🙂

Inspect the quality of the leather- the quilting should maintain a consistent diamond or square pattern even on the reverse of the bag. And naturally, an authentic Chanel will only have 100% leather. 
Stitch Count/ Lining
Chanel bags have a high stitch count, which ensures durability and helps maintain the bag’s original shape. The lining lies flat against the bag, there are no visible lumps or bumps. 
Brand Stamping
Chanel stamps their logo and print text such as Made in France and Made in Italy inside their bags but never Made in Paris, Hong Kong or any other city/country.  The colour of the brand stamping should match the colour of the hardware.
Matching Hardware
Hardware on an authentic Chanel bag is either silver or gold-toned but very,very rarely both (only in exclusive limited edition collections). If the chain strap and the turn lock clasp are gold-toned, all other pieces of hardware will be gold-toned as well. 
Every Louis Vuitton bag uses one continuous piece of leather that wraps around from the front to back, so the backside has upside down logos. Any piece with a separate piece on the bottom will have the LV’s right-side up on both sides.
Louis Vuitton offers remarkable quality with it’s stitching which naturally, should be very even and regular. The same number of stitches will be found in similar locations on similar bags.
The hardware should be heavy – not hollow. Typically the hardware is crafted in brass, shiny golden brass and shiny silvery metal.
Gucci hardware should be heavy and well-cast and are normally engraved with the company logo. Zippers can be made of either metal or plastic, with the company logo or YKK.
The stitching on a Gucci handbag should be straight, neat, even, clean and the trimmings are made from high quality leather.
Logo/Serial Number
The serial number of each Gucci product is on the back side of the interior label. The embossed Gucci logo should be clean and crisp, with “Made In Italy” marked below.
The Michael Kors logo, in full or MK on the lining, may appear on the interior of the handbag. Check the font, spacing and positioning of the logo carefully, as well as the material quality.
The hardware on the handbag will be made of solid metal and will not flake or chip. Some pieces may be engraved, if so, it will be clean with a high quality finish.


Michael Kors does not use any kinds of prints on their linings, such as stripes, polka dots, leopard animal, flowers, etc. They only use their signature designs, or plain, solid off white, or suede / leather interiors.


Today I’m introducing you to your chance to win a 7-day all expenses paid trip to Miami with 3 of your best friends!
I’ve been working closely with Vogue Eyewear for a while now so I can assure that they keep their promises. This time their promise includes a sprawling villa, private chef and chauffeur, a fully-loaded itinerary, and all of this, in MIAMI.
To quote : “Whether you are hanging out with champagne by your pool, cheering for a NBA match and eating delish hotdogs, touring exotic locations, cruising along the sea on a private boat, or sunbathing with your girls and warming your toes you’re going to be doing it all in style.”
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Good luck & promise me a treat if you win 🙂
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Winners will be announced on 17th August on my Snapchat: MasoomM so you’ve got 7 days to get your hands on these beautiful baubles, get going! x