What I’m Wearing : Zara shirt, Uniqlo pants, Forever21 shoes, Mcq by Alexander Mcqueen clutch, Stylefiesta.com sunglasses, Made by M headband, Daniel Wellington watch & H&M bracelet
Decided to get really personal in this post and divulge ’20 things You Didn’t Know About Me’. A colleague/friend suggested this ages ago claiming that all my readers would ‘LOVE’ to know these details and its been on my mind ever since. It took me 10 minutes to really begin fishing out insider deets but once I got into the zone, my fingers didn’t stop typing. I think I definitely have a couple 20 more ready but lets start off with these ones 🙂
1. I love white chocolate
2. I find it hard to pay attention to one thing for more than 5 minutes                          
3. I enjoy my meals twice as much if paired with Coke
4. Pink is my all time favorite color
5. I’m not a coffee or a tea addict; infact I can’t think of anything I’m addicted to
6. My current favorite song is ‘Cheerleader’ by OMI
7. Nothing makes me happier than being curled up with a good book
8. I love reading Indian fiction
9. Almost 90% of sunglasses styles suit my face
10. One of my favorite movies is Jodha Akbar and probably the only movie I’ve watched more than thrice
11. I’m jealous of anyone with a singing talent
12. My passion before I discovered fashion was football
13. I love horse-riding and have tons of childhood memories attached to this sport
14. I failed Marathi in the 8th grade
15. I’m terrified of any sort of physical pain
16. I’m a die-hard fan of good design
17. I love the rains but hate stepping out in them!
18. I never got braces when my mom forced me to while I was young and now I regret it more than ever
19. I briefly learned Karate when I was 10 but never got through the 5th session
20. If you’re sitting on a table with me, you’re probably going to have to face a game of ‘Would You Rather’ within the first 10mins
Hope you enjoyed xxx 


There have been tons of times where I’ve shared newspaper articles and magazine articles with you but I’d say this one would be one of the most special features till date. Allow me to explain. When a magazine features me wearing the latest trend, they’re appreciating my style, something that comes to me naturally, instinctually and effortlessly. Don’t get me wrong – I jump around for atleast a few minutes when I see a feature ANYWHERE but interviewing with CNBC was a step apart. They were interviewing me for something that I have spent so much time and effort to build, so many long days, difficult moments and confusing decisions and when a business channel of this magnanimity considered me eligible enough, I couldn’t help but think I was definitely walking in the right direction 🙂


METRO has always been a heritage brand for us Indians and its exciting to see it shedding its regal traditionality and entering the online market with Metroshoes.net.
To kickstart their online campaign, a couple of nights ago, a couple of us bloggers were given access to a SECRET Sale with amazing discounts on their styles. Totally transformed my Tuesday night btw. 
Now, really, why am I telling you all of this? On the 23rd of July, METRO Shoes is having an Online Night Market Sale from 10pm – 10am! ‘Online night market’..really doesn’t get cooler than that. Block your calendars and make sure you’re spending your Thursday night in your prettiest PJ’s logged onto your laptop, we’re going shoe-shopping 🙂
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Had an absolute BLAST shooting for this look with Cosmopolitan for their June issue. It was a super interesting feature surrounding a (favorite) denim look from my wardrobe. I found myself juggling somewhere in between my classic denim button-down and this tie-dye denim shirt-dress and you can see what I finally went with!
Styled by Zunaili Mallik & Photographer by Taras