What I’m Wearing : WRISTWOOD watch, StalkBuyLove dress, Proenza Schouler shoes
Its always a pleasure working with a product that is an ‘Inventor’ by genre. Todays post is featuring one of this kind, ‘WRISTWOOD‘, a gorgeous unisex watch fabricated with Indonesian sandal wood and effortless Swiss movement.
While the watch is almost magnanimous in its appearance, its super light and comfortable to wear, and yet a real ‘hero’ in an outfit. 
It gets better. For every WRISTWOOD thats made, conscious of this mighty resource, wood is inturn planted for the measure used in creating one. Style with a social mile 🙂


So excited to share my two-page feature in ‘Zardozi’, a North-American magazine on South Asian luxury & fashion. 
So grateful for all the features that come my way, I don’t alway get the time to share all of them, but from the bottom of my heart, I am so so so thankful <3
Excerpt from the article incase its too tiny to read :
Fashion in india is ever evolving and Masoom Minawala is at front of that wave of change. The CEO of Fashion portal Style Fiesta came up with the idea after being asked repeatedly where she bought her clothes. Her answer was always that she made her purchases when she traveled to other countries. That’s when the 22-year-old Mumbai resident realised that India needed international trends at affordable prices.
How is Fashion in India Changing?
Fashion in India is changing at the speed of light. It has gone from being an industry that depended on Bollywood to becoming extremely experimental,sophisticated and integral, India has taken a massive leap in the last five years.
What are the challenge of being an entrepreur?
None really- because the rewards pretty much dilute the challenges. even at the end f a really bad day, you realize you are working toward a much bigger goal and with that thought everything somewhat falls into place.
How would you describe your style?
Ever-changing, I take a lot of inspiration from what I’m surrounded by,
How would you incorporate your South Asian heritage into everyday wear?
I love wearing kurtis and kaftans to work paired with skin-fit jeans or lounge pants. The comfort of South Asian dressing is incomparable to any other culture, combined with its gorgeous cuts and colours, and i happily embrace this on any occasion I can.



What I’m Wearing – H&M dress, Zara striped shirt dress, Dolce & Gabbana bag, Tods shoes, Style Fiesta sunglasses and jewellery and hat from Goa
I can’t bring myself to say I hate Mumbai summers. Quite honestly, I adore strolling into work with a different summer dress every day, sneaking away for ice-cream drives and every single opportunity that permits to unleash my sunglass collection. 
But as I stepped out of the car this morning, a cool, almost sticky breeze hit my face and when I looked up, there it was, streams of light grey clouds lining the sky and as early as it came, summer was almost on its way out. Today, alongwith LIVA, I’m going to step outside, and catch the sun while I can! Join me in my quest to go out in the sun and make the most of the last few days of summer. Click a #Sunfie and share it with me by tagging me at @MissStyleFiesta, I’d love to see how creative you can get while chasing the sun 🙂 
This look is my easy-breezy take on summer fashion inspired by LIVA (a new-age naturally created fabric)’s fluid fashion and its charm of being so fluid and breathable. Super comfortable, soft layers and embracing the sunny side-up of life 🙂